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2020.10.25 03:31 assousa US Secretary of State Pompeo set to boost Indonesian religious reform efforts

By James M. Dorsey
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to boost efforts by the world’s largest Muslim movement to recontextualize Islam during a forthcoming visit to Indonesia as part of a three-nation Asian tour. The tour is likely to be the secretary’s last official trip prior to next month’s US presidential election.
Mr. Pompeo’s engagement with Nahdlatul Ulama, a powerful Islamic grouping in Indonesia, with an estimated following of 50 million people, takes on added significance against the backdrop of the Trump administration’s push for a definition of human rights that redefines notions of freedom of religion at the expense of other basic rights in advance of a hard fought election that Donald J. Trump could lose.
It also comes as French President Emmanuel Macron kicked into high gear his self-declared mission of reforming what he has termed an Islam that “is a religion that is in crisis all over the world” in the wake of the gruesome murder of Samuel Paty, a 47-year old teacher.
Mr. Paty was killed by an 18-year old youth of Chechen descent after he used cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a class about freedom of expression.
The Indonesia-leg at the end of Mr. Pompeo’s tour, which is first taking him to India and Sri Lanka, similarly comes as Nahdlatul Ulama, an independent civil society movement, competes globally with Saudi, United Arab Emirates, and Turkish state-backed efforts to garner religious soft power and shape the definition of what constitutes moderate Islam.
Nahdlatul Ulama was founded almost a century ago in opposition to Wahhabism, the austere interpretation of Islam, that has largely guided Saudi Arabia since its founding in 1932.
Mr. Pompeo and his top aides are scheduled to participate in two days of events in the Indonesian capital organized by Nahdlatul Ulama to nurture “the shared civilizational aspirations” of Indonesia, the United States and Islam, defined by the group with the Qur’anic phrase that the faith is “a source of universal love and compassion.”
By giving Nahdlatul Ulama the State Department’s seal of approval, Mr. Pompeo is implicitly acknowledging the fact that the group unlike its rivals in the quest for religious soft power has started to put its money where its mouth is.
Unlike its soft power rivals, Nahdlatul Ulama has spelt out its definition of moderate Islam with its adoption in 2015 of the concept of Nusantara (Archipelago) or humanitarian Islam that calls for a full embrace of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UNHDR).
Countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE project themselves as models of undefined forms of moderate Islam manifested by engagement in inter-faith dialogue and varying degrees of religious tolerance.
They have, however, stopped short of addressing theologically problematic concepts like that of kafirs or infidels, the Muslim reference to non-Muslims, slavery, dhimmis, people of the book that Islam recognizes but accords a lesser status than Muslims, apostasy, and blasphemy.
They have also manoeuvred in inter-faith gatherings to evade unrestricted support of the UN human rights declaration.
By contrast, Nahdlatul Ulama has taken initial steps in that direction even if it still has a ways to go. Thousands of the group’s religious scholars issued a fatwa or religious opinion that eliminated the notion of infidels, effectively removing one pillar of Muslim perceptions of religious supremacy.
Based on statements by Nahdlatul Ulama leaders, the group’s scholars are likely to next do away with the legal concept of slavery.
The group’s litmus test will be if and when it takes on apostasy and blasphemy, concepts that are certain to be far more emotive and controversial. Nahdlatul Ulama officials say the group has long accepted in practice conversion away from Islam.
Mr. Pompeo’s acknowledgement of Nahdlatul Ulama further suggests that the State Department recognizes that religious reform is more likely to successfully be enacted by independent civil society actors with proper religious credentials and a significant following rather than states.
It is a recognition that by implication highlights the limitations of efforts by states, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Turkey, to define the essence of Islam as well as Mr. Macron’s ambition to solve the faith’s problems for it.
Mr. Pompeo lands in Jakarta shortly after signing the Geneva Consensus Declaration alongside a host of countries that propagate conservative values and rank low on Georgetown University’s Women, Peace and Security Index.
The declaration seeks to promote women’s rights and health and strengthen the family but emphasizes that “in no case should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning.”
It stipulates that there is “no international right to abortion, nor any international obligation on the part of States to finance or facilitate abortion.”
The declaration’s signatories include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Belarus, Hungary, and Indonesia.
Many of the signatories are members of the Group of Friends, a block of 25 nations in the United Nations that seeks to pre-empt any expansion of rights for girls, women, and LGBT people and weaken international support for the Beijing Declaration, a landmark 1995 agreement that stands as an internationally recognized progressive blueprint for women’s rights.
Much of the group’s positions are coordinated by the Center for Family and Human Rights, or C-Fam, a small but influential far-right group that focuses on abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity. C-Fam has worked closely with the State Department dating back to the administration of US President George W. Bush.
Accompanied by among others Mary Ann Glendon, the head of the State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights, Mr. Pompeo’s arrival in Jakarta also comes after the centre-right Centrist Democrat International (IDC-CDI), the world’s largest alliance of political parties, acknowledged the Commission’s report as “a re-affirmation of the spirit and substance of fundamental human rights.”
Indonesia’s National Awakening Party (PKB), which has five seats in President Joko Widodo’s cabinet and is an influential member of IDC-CDI, is closely associated with Nahdlatul Ulama.
Critics have charged that the Commission’s report fuels assertions that there are too many human rights and prioritizes religious liberty and property rights at the expense of protections against discrimination particularly on the basis of gender.
As a result, Mr. Pompeo’s endorsement of Nahdlatul Ulama could prove to be a double-edged sword. It strengthens the group’s proposition, yet also identifies it with one faction in a global battle that not only seeks to define the soul of Islam but also fundamentally shape what constitutes a human right.
Dr. James M. Dorsey is an award-winning journalist and a senior fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore. He is also a senior research fellow at the National University of Singapore’s Middle East Institute and co-director of the University of Wuerzburg’s Institute of Fan Culture in Germany.
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2020.09.30 04:17 TheCuulandBluu Bizarre, uncomfortable experience while researching naturism (Purenudism)

Preface: doing a bit of research on here, it seems people are already well aware of Purenudism and its related sites, but I'd still like to post what I wrote.

I don't know where else to talk about this. I feel as though I can't bring it up with anyone I know personally, as I don't want people knowing what I've been looking into. But maybe people in this community can understand my trouble. I'm going to be censoring a lot of imagery. If any of this is in violation of the rules, please let me know where I can discuss this. I also understand that by bringing this up I may be unintentionally Streisand-ing certain things that I don't want to get extra attention, but I don't know which would be worse, bringing it up or remaining silent.
TL;DR - while researching naturism, I came across a network of very similar-looking sites (purenudism) that I suspect are displaying naturist photos containing underage people for the purposes of pornographic use.
Long version:
I draw a lot, and lately my art has taken on themes of nudity and nature. As such, I've been getting notices of people adding it to nudist/naturist art collections. As time went on, I became more curious about naturism, so I decided to do more research.
If you search "naturism" in Google, you get this - pretty standard affair. Wikipedia article, some naturist organizations, etc. Thing is, I don't use Google; I use an engine called DuckDuckGo because they don't track your history and whatnot. And they, along with Bing as I found out, give very different results. Searching "naturism" on DDG gives this. Notice that safesearch is set to moderate. Funnily enough, if you turn it completely off, the Wikipedia article shows up, but then so do a lot of porn sites. The same sites take the top slots though.
I visited the first link in the results and this is what I saw. I'm going to censor images, but it's basically a Wordpress blog with a crapton of nudist photos, featuring people of all ages - young and old. Nude beaches, nude gatherings in the forest, etc. It looks like a family album, just one where everyone's undressed. Many of the photos have the subjects looking and smiling at the camera. It's quite friendly, and I know that if I were to visit a nudist/naturist resort I'd probably be greeted by the same imagery in person, minus the photography of course.
You might notice that at the top there's a page labeled "legal notice". If you visit it, you'll find a rather long post about how nothing there is illegal, nudity is a human right, it's protected by the US Constitution, etc. etc. I understand this is fairly necessary given today's mass paranoia, especially when minors get involved.
Okay - so far so good, right? Sounds like I'm just being paranoid. And hey, a site full of nude people of all ages and genders is great for art studies. But here's where things start to get weird. If you go back to the search results, you'll notice there are two other sites with very similar titles and descriptions. The word "purenudism" gets used a lot. And if you visit them you'll notice that they look nearly identical to the first site, with many of them sporting a very similar legal notice. (Side note - I'm not censoring urls because it's very easy to find these sites anyway) In fact, the first site actually links to two separate sites in the header, each with similar formats. When searching the first two pages of results on DDG, I found around ten of these sites, seven of which have nearly the exact same legal notice. And the further you go into the search results, the more of these sites you find. Now I'm not stupid - I know there are dark sites out there, even ones who will try to put on a friendly facade. But what baffles me is that these all seem to come from the same entity, they're all in the top results, and there are so many of them.
These sites have varying degrees of dubiousness. Among all the benign-looking naturism stuff you'll find links like "voyeur beaches" or "nudist girls" or "young/teen nudists". Some of the site headers include images of hentai or cropped porn, along with links featuring very adult-oriented tags. And right next to all that will be pictures of nude children. One of the sites has a set of naturist images which include minors, along with a badge in the header saying, "100% legal" and porn links on the side. And of course it includes the same legal notice as all the others.
The sites appear to be based in various countries. Some seem to be in Russia or Ukraine (or at least mention them a lot) and one in particular has an Indonesian domain but features a copyright in Norway. But no matter what country they're in, they're all written in English (poorly) and their legal notices focus primarily on US law.
I could probably keep going down the rabbit hole, but I think you get the point. I highly doubt these sites exist to show the values of naturism and promote the lifestyle. It seems more like they're there to distribute nude photos of minors for purposes of sexual gratification, while hiding under the guise of being naturist blogs. Their emphasis on it being "NOT A PORN SITE" seems less a decrying of paranoia and more a statement of, "Fuck you, it's not illegal."
I have so many questions. How many people are involved with making and running these sites? They all seem to be kept fairly up to date. Where did all the photos come from? Do the people in them know what they're being used for? Why are DuckDuckGo and Bing so eager to place these as the top results? Why are people so slimy?
I don't know what to do. It feels like a problem I can't solve. But mostly I just feel sad. It's a grim reminder that there are a lot of very bad people doing very bad things out there. This isn't the first time I've been introduced to the subject of naturism only for it to take a turn for the worse, and I know there are much deeper, darker places than just this. It's no wonder there's such high paranoia. It feels like you really can't trust anyone. Which sucks, because nudism on that level looks to be an incredible, spiritually fulfilling experience that I currently cannot do.
That's all I can think to say. Thanks for reading.
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2020.09.05 03:29 StevenStevens43 The British Olduwan

The British Olduwan
Olduvai gorge:
One of the most important archaeological and anthropological sites in the world, in understanding the earliest known origins of Human-being, comes from a location known as Olduvai gorge in Tanzania, were Oldowan is thought to have first began evolving in to modern human, 1.9 million years ago.
Olduvai gorge
The Olduvai Gorge it has proven invaluable in furthering understanding of early human evolution.

Homo habilis, approximately 1.9 million years ago
Link for photo
However, it is likely that Olduwan was born from inter-racial breeding
It appears one of the first things Oldowan man done, was go seeking for lands, perhaps a little cooler in temperature, as Olduwan, 1.8 million years ago first appeared in Georgia, Europe.
In fact, by 1 million years ago, Olduwan man had even turned up in the area that would be considered modern day London.
Pre-history of Europe
Homo erectus georgicus, which lived roughly 1.8 million years ago in Georgia), is the earliest hominid to have been discovered in Europe.
Link for photo
Olduwan expansion
Other Oldowans headed for Indonesia.
Homo erectus in Indonesia by 1.8 million years
Link for photo_without_national_boundaries.svg)
1.5 million years ago, Oldowan man entered Russia, by the Caucasus, which leads in to Scandanavia from the Northern land bridge, which still exists today.
In 2006, 1.5-million-year-old Oldowan flint tools were discovered in the Dagestan Akusha region of the north Caucasus,
Link for photo.svg)
China 1.35m years ago
Recent study shows that the stone tools found at Xiaochangliang site are magnetostratigraphically dated to 1.36 million years ago.[9]
Link for photo
Return of Oldowan:
It would appear one of Olduwans descendants, likely returned to Africa around, 300,000 BC, via europe. Crossing the Gibraltar straits.
the Acheulean. Possibly the first hunters, H. erectus mastered the art of making fire and was the first hominid to leave Africa, colonizing most of Afro-Eurasia and perhaps later giving rise to Homo floresiensis.

The earliest known Homo sapiens fossils include the Jebel Irhoud remains from Morocco (ca. 315,000 years ago),[12]

Don't take offence:
Ok, now, it is likely that the first modern humans, are still around today, in the exact same form they were then. And today, they are classed as "intelligent modern humans".
They were likely, "the pygmy peoples".
The reason they were likely the same people, as todays pygmy peoples, comes from the knowledge that the Jebel Irhoud, were extremely small in size.
The Jebel Irhoud individuals also had very thick brow ridges and lacked prognathism.[18]
Link for photo
Now, anthropoligical studies pretty much prove, that the Magdalenians that inhabited mainland europe between 17,000 BC and the onset of the younger dryas, were the same people as Jebel Irhoud.
Period biology
The fauna of the Magdalenian epoch seems to have included tigers .
Magdalenian humans appear to have been of short stature, dolichocephalic, with a low retreating forehead and prominent brow ridges.
Link for photo
Magdalenian expansion
Cheddar man:
The map above does not attribute Southern parts of Britain, to have been colonialised by the Magdalenians, however Britains oldest known skeleton is Cheddar man, believed to be from around 9,100 BC, and also thought by anthropologists, to be black in skin colour.
Cheddar man
Cheddar Man is a human male fossil found in Gough's Cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England. The skeletal remains date to the Mesolithic (ca. 9100 BP, 7100 BC) and dark or dark to black skin.[2]
Link for photo
The reason it would have been so easy for the Magdalene to colonise Thames valley, would be due to the fact that, not only would they have the brain capacity to cross the Gibraltar straits, they would also have the advantage of being able to cross the Doggerland land bridge, which had not sunk yet, until 6,500 BC.
Doggerland was an area of land, now submerged beneath the southern North Sea, that connected Britain to continental Europe. It was flooded by rising sea levels around 6500–6200 BC.
Link for photo
Pygmy peoples:
Pygmy peoples of today, can be found mostly in the Congo region of Africa.
They are a peoples which typically average a height of less than 4 ft 11.
Pygmy peoples
In anthropology, pygmy peoples are ethnic groups whose average height is unusually short. The term pygmyism is used to describe the phenotype of endemic short stature (as opposed to disproportionate dwarfism occurring in isolated cases in a population) for populations in which adult men are on average less than 150 cm (4 ft 11 in) tall.[1]
The term is primarily associated with the African Pygmies, the hunter-gatherers of the Congo basin (comprising the Bambenga, Bambuti and Batwa).[2]
Link for photo
Pygmy peoples
Effacer le Tableau:
Whilst the only noticable difference between you, and a Pygmy person, is their small stature, and the fact that even today, they are hunter gatherers, despite some politically correct Scientists insisting that Pygmy peoples are not descended from Hunter gatherers, the Pygmy peoples have been the victims of repeated attempted genocides and extermination campaigns.
Most recently, January 2003.
Violence against pygmy peoples
From the end of 2002 through January 2003 around 60,000 pygmy civilians and 10,000 combatants were killed in an extermination campaign known as "Effacer le Tableau" during the Second Congo War.[27][28] Human rights activists have made demands for the massacre to be recognized as genocide.[29]
Link for photo
Baka dancers
Bantu master:
Even "today" the Bantu make no bones about the fact that they are the pygmy peoples "masters".
Perhaps it makes them feel big.
However even "you" have joined in, on Pygmy genocidal bullying, without even knowing it, or have you never used the term "mongo", in your younger years?
Mongo, is a pygmy language, aswell as a Pygmy location.
The word Mongo, should not be used disparagingly.
But unless you want to be part of a genocide campaign, you should also not ban the word from your vocabulary.
Simply use it, respectfully.
To put in to simple terms.
If a pygmy person went on the internet, and told everyone he was a Mongo, he would likely be banned, by a well meaning leftist, that does not realise that, this this person, really is from a village called Mongo, near congo, and speaks Mongo, and banning this person is about the most insulting and racial discriminative thing one could possibly do.
Reported slavery
In the Republic of the Congo, where Pygmies make up 2% of the population, many Pygmies live as slaves to Bantu masters. The nation is deeply stratified between these two major ethnic groups. The pygmy slaves belong to their Bantu masters from birth in a relationship that the Bantus call a time-honored tradition. Even though the Pygmies are responsible for much of the hunting, fishing and manual labor in jungle villages, Pygmies and Bantus alike say that Pygmies are often paid at the master's whim: in cigarettes, used clothing, or simply not paid at all.
Link for photo.png)
Pygmy language centres
Discimination against pygmy peoples is not new.
Pygmy peoples, even recently, have been sent to live in zoo cages next to Lions and Tigers, and many people view Pygmy peoples, as Paleolithics.
Even in the USA, as early as 1907, they were viewed as a circus act, alongside animals.
Systematic discrimination
Historically, the pygmy have always been viewed as inferior by both colonial authorities and the village-dwelling Bantu tribes.[15] Pygmy children were sometimes captured during the period of the Congo Free State, which exported pygmy children to zoos throughout Europe, including the world's fair in the United States in 1907.[15]
Link for photo
Pygmy person in Bronx zoo cage 1906
Pepi II:
Even as far back as 2297 BC, a 13 year old Egyptian pharoah named Pepi II, took great delight in capturing a pygmy person, and bragged about to everyone in Egypt.
The Egytians begged him not to kill the pygmy person, but instead bring the Pygmy person back to Egypt.
Likely to be used for entertainment purposes.
Early years of Pepi II's reign
Sent to trade and collect ivory, ebony, and other precious items, he captured a pygmy. News of this reached the royal court, and an excited young king sent word back to Harkhuf that he would be greatly rewarded if the pygmy were brought back alive, where he would have likely served as an entertainer for the court.
Link for photo
But what do we learn from this?
We learn that modern humans from 300,000 BC had the potential to be extremely literate, intelligent, and that the idea that even Olduwan may have been an Ape, is simply misguided ancient discrimination and racism, and was genocided, quite simply because he was too stubborn to give up his traditions, and likely lacked physical build in order to stick up for himself against bigots that likely wrongfully viewed him as an illiterate fool.
However Pygmy peoples are regarded by Scientists, as modern humans.
And pygmy peoples, such as Iymeru, have been in even the highest positions of the ancient Egyptian empire.
Iymeru, was the second most powerful man in Egypt, during the 13th dynasty.
He was the Pharoahs vizier.
So much for Pepi II's circus act.
Iymeru was an ancient Egyptian vizier) in office during the 13th Dynasty.
Link for photo#/media/File:Statue_Iymeru_Turin.JPG)
Indian pygmies:
However, there is a twist in the tale.
It appears more likley, that the magdalenian Pygmies, "were not" in fact the same pygmy peoples as todays Congo contingent, but in actual fact, were more likely Indian pygmies.
The African pygmies likely took the long way round the world, instead of going directly across the Gibraltar straits.
South east Asia
Frank Kingdon-Ward in the early 20th century reported a tribe of pygmy Tibeto-Burman speakers known as the Taron inhabiting the remote region of Mt. Hkakabo Razi in Southeast Asia on the border of China (Yunnan and Tibet), Burma, and India.
Link for photo
Indian Pygmy
The reason it was more likley Indian pygmies, than African pygmies, comes from the fact that there is plenty more evidence, which i will reveal later, of Indian descended people, having colonised Europe, and even America.
Not only this, one of the most common languages in todays world, is Indo-European.
Indo-European likley was a language that evolved over thousands of years, likely in stages, and likley due to pro-longed exposure to one anothers culture.
Indo-Aryan first arose in the Levant around the time of the ancient egyptian empire, when Indians and Aryans colonized lower egypt.
Indo-European evolved when Indo-Aryans invaded India during the battle of the ten kings in 1400 BC.
Though, it was likley that the Aryan language, already contained certain Indo components, by the time the colonized Egypt, and those were probably picked up from the Magdalenian period, when Aryans likely had to invade european mainland to escape the polar ice-caps, and integrated with Megdalenians.
Though, Indian genes in the northern hemisphere even pre-dated the Magdalenians, which i will cover later, so it is also likely, that when the Aryans invaded european mainland, and integrated with Magdalenians, their Aryan language already contained Indo components.
We can also see by the photo of the Philippino girl, how Anthropologists could mistake Cheddar man for being black.
This is due to the fact, that Indians, "are" descended from Africans, so, in a round about way, the Magdalenian "are" African pygmies, though not as directly as one would first think.
It is likley that the Magdalenian arrived in europe via India.
Though they likely made their escape, over the Gibraltar straits, the place were it all began.
Saudi Arabia:
Whilst it is actually likely, that modern day human was already living in Scandanavia, and even european mainland, as far back as 300,000 years ago, it is most probably that any evidence of this, was washed away during the younger dryas, when both Britain and Scandanavia, lay under polar ice-caps.
But the first "recorded" movement of modern day humans, comes from 75,000 years ago when Africans first entered the Arabian peninsula.
A 2011 study found that the first modern humans to spread east across Asia left Africa about 75,000 years ago across the Bab-el-Mandeb connecting the Horn of Africa and Arabia.[56]
Link for photo
Arabian expansion
Modern human, from the Arabian peninsula, arrived in India, sometime between 80,000 and 60,000 years ago.
"Modern human beings—Homo sapiens—originated in Africa. Then, intermittently, sometime between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago, tiny groups of them began to enter the north-west of the Indian subcontinent.
Link for photo
As Israel was in Mesopotamia, Africans travelling to the Arabian peninsula, Indonesia, or anywhere else, would have no other option than to go through the Levant, making Israel one of the earliest populated areas by modern human.
120,000 years ago.
And almost definitely Black African.
The oldest fossils of anatomically modern humans found outside Africa are the Skhul and Qafzeh hominins, who lived in the area that is now northern Israel 120,000 years ago.[85]
Link for photo
Neanderthal man:
The best evidence of what Neanderthal man looked like, comes from very well preserved remains of Neanderthals found in Shanidar cave in Iraq.
The remains were thought to be from between 60,000 and 80,000 years ago, and they do point to a slightly different culture sharing the lands of Mesopotamia, with Africans.
Iraq pre-history
During 1957–1961 Shanidar Cave was excavated by Ralph Solecki and his team from Columbia University, and nine skeletons of Neanderthal man of varying ages and states of preservation and completeness (labelled Shanidar I–IX) were discovered dating from 60,000–80,000 years BP.
Link for photo
Neanderthal man
Neanderthals got a bad rap.
There is no doubt Neanderthal was Asiatic.
And do you remember Pepi II? That wonderful African pharoah that delightfully hunted down a "pygmy" when he was a boy? Well, this African also took great delight in carrying on the honoured age old African tradition of "smiting" Asiatics.
Well racism and discrimination is actually quite prevalent within the ancient egyptian dynasties, and an ancient old traditional practise of native egyptians smiting inferior Asiatics, can be traced back to 3000 BC, during the reign of Den.
The depiction even included a "bearded" foe.
The picture shows Den in a gesture known as "smiting the enemy". In one hand Den holds a mace, in the other hand he grabs a foe by his hair. Thanks to the braids and the conic beard the foe has been identified as of Asian origin. The hieroglyphs at the right side say "first smiting of the east".
Link for photo
Smiting asiatics
Now, i am hoping i no longer have to go in to too much detail about how, in actual fact, Scientists now think Neanderthal man was likely literate, and actually extremely intelligent.
In fact, intelligent Africans "would not" interbreed with an idiot.
And Neanderthal man did breed with other humans in this area.
In fact, breeding with Neanderthal man, is likely where Africans gained a bit more bulk from, by breeding with a person that is derived from Northern sub grouos, that have grown to be a bit bulkier in bulk, in order to with stand the cold winters.
He also likely was 50/50 in providing the components that would later evolve in to the AfrAsian language, that is spoken by Semites, and Arabians, as well as some Africans, but nobody knows were it evolved from.
Neanderthal technology is thought to have been quite sophisticated.
Compared to modern humans, Neanderthals had a more robust) build and proportionally shorter limbs. These features are often explained as adaptations to conserve heat in a cold climate,
Neanderthal got cornered in Spain:
Now just like the previous two groups, Neanderthal, being from european mainland, and who still exists today, got cornered in Spain, by this new anatomically modern human-being.
Inter-group relations
Canadian ethnoarchaeologist Brian Hayden calculated a self-sustaining population which avoids inbreeding to consist of about 450–500 individuals, which would necessitate these bands to interact with 8–53 other bands, but more likely the more conservative estimate given low population density.[31] Analysis of the mtDNA of the Neanderthals of Cueva del Sidrón, Spain, showed that the adult three men belonged to the same maternal lineage, while the three adult women belonged to different ones. This suggests a patrilocal residence (that a woman moved out of her group to live with her husband).[233] However, the DNA of a Neanderthal from Denisova Cave, Russia, shows that she had an inbreeding coefficient of ​1⁄8 (her parents were either half-siblings with a common mother, double first cousins, an uncle and niece or aunt and nephew, or a grandfather and granddaughter or grandmother and grandson)[83] and the inhabitants of Cueva del Sidrón show several defects, which may have been caused by inbreeding or recessive disorders.[218]
Link for photo
Anatomically modern people:
Now, do you remember the Magdalenians from earlier in this post?
Well here is a photo of Anatomically modern people.
Early modern human
Early modern human (EMH) or anatomically modern human (AMH)[2] are terms used to distinguish Homo sapiens (the only extant human species) that are anatomically consistent with the range of phenotypes seen in contemporary humans from extinct archaic human species. This distinction is useful especially for times and regions where anatomically modern and archaic humans co-existed, for example, in Paleolithic Europe.
Link for photo
Early modern human
Neanderthal did not get wiped out:
The early modern human however, did not wipe Neanderthal out.
They shared european mainland with other literate human-beings.
Some of those human-beings, particularly the ones from Britain, that at this point in time, is just a part of Eurasia, probably looked more like this.

Western neanderthal
Now, Neanderthal not only spread out from Mesopotamia along European lines, and escaped via Spain, but also along Northern lines, before escaping in to Canada via the Bering land bridge, that was around at the time.
However, the remains are no longer considered to be that of Neadnerthal, but in fact, that of Denisovan, the ancestor of Australian aboriginals, as well as Inuits and Paleo-Indians in America, and others.
That Russia was also home to some of the last surviving Neanderthals was revealed by the discovery of the partial skeleton of a Neanderthal infant in Mezmaiskaya cave in Adygea, which was carbon dated to only 29,000 years ago.[6] In 2008, Russian archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of Novosibirsk, working at the site of Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, uncovered a 40,000-year-old small bone fragment from the fifth finger of a juvenile hominin, which DNA analysis revealed to be a previously unknown species of human, which was named the Denisova hominin.[7]
Link for photo.jpg)
Now, it is likely that Paleo-Indians lived in europe, relatively peacefully, with one another.
At least until the younger dryas, when blond haired blue eyed Aryans from Scandinavia had to invade European mainland.
It is likely what happened during this period, is Aryans became less friendly, and forced Anatomically modern humans to flee via Spain, go and live in the Northern regions and peripheries as Eskimos in Iglus, or go and breed with the current Indigenous peoples of America and Australia and update their DNA.
When the Ice-caps melted, Scandinavians likely returned to Scandinavia, and pushed the Sami people farther and farther north, until they could go no farther north, and to this day, there is a peoples in the most Northern regions of Scandanavia and Russia that regard themselves as the indigenous peoples of Scandinavia and Russia.
They are called the Sami peoples.
You have likley heard of them, without realising it.
They are Laplanders.
The place Santa Klaus is from.
Sami people
The Sámi people (/ˈsɑːmi/; also spelled Sami or Saami) are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula within the Murmansk Oblast of Russia. The Sámi have historically been known in English as Lapps or Laplanders. Sámi ancestral lands are not well-defined. Their traditional languages are the Sámi languages which are classified as a branch of the Uralic language family.
Link for photo
Sami peoples
Indigenous Americans:
The Indigenous colonisation of the Americas happened in two waves.
The first was between 57,000 BC and 17,000 BC.
However a Polar Ice wall prevented the first arrivals from prevailing any farther than Alaska.
Migrations in to the continents
Alaska was a glacial refugium because it had low snowfall, allowing a small population to exist. The Laurentide Ice Sheet covered most of North America, blocking nomadic inhabitants and confining them to Alaska (East Beringia) for thousands of years.[53]
Second wave:
Just as the Polar ice wall in Alaska was beginning to melt, and the ice-caps began shifting towards Britain and Scandinavia, the Aryans likely came down from the Northern lands, and many Paleo-Indians likely fleed across the melting Bering land bridge and got over just in time, to breed with Indigenous Alaskans, and populate the Americas.
Canada pre-history
The first inhabitants of North America are generally hypothesized to have migrated from Siberia by way of the Bering land bridge and arrived at least 14,000 years ago.[23]
South America:
Obviously some Paleo-Indians made it over the Ice-wall prior to the second wave arriving, as archaeologists are of the belief that South America saw it's first arrivals around 16,500 BC.
Pre-columbian era
The earliest archaeological evidence from human settlement in South America comes from Monte Verde (possibly as early as 16,500 BCE).[11]
Until the arrival of the Spanish during the Columbian era, Paleo-Indians would have been pretty isolated, with not too much opportunity for evolving, so the 1500 AD perfectly intact mummified Inca sacrifice, would give a good clue as to what the Paleo-Indians that arrived 14,000 years ago, or even 57,000 years ago, looked like.
Link for photo
Inca sacrifice
The Australian aboriginals have a similar ancestry.
The fact that modern Australian aboriginals have the exact same ancestors as US Indigenous peoples, and were hunter gatherers when Aryans first arrived in Australia, despite making crossings on land bridges on two seperate sides of the globe, is pretty much suggestive that early modern anatomical Indonesians inhabited most of the globe, and were very much literate. And modern, and they in turn were likely descended from a mixture of Israeli Neanderthal and Afro pygmy persons.
Human habitation of the Australian continent is known to have begun at least 65,000 years ago,[45][46] with the migration of people by land bridges and short sea-crossings from what is now Southeast Asia.[47] The Madjedbebe rock shelter in Arnhem Land is recognised as the oldest site showing the presence of humans in Australia.[48] The oldest human remains found are the Lake Mungo remains, which have been dated to around 41,000 years ago.[49]
At the time of first European contact, most Indigenous Australians were hunter-gatherers with complex economies and societies.[53
The Paleo-Indonesians even found their way to Greenland by 2500 BC.
Early Paleo eskimo cultures
In prehistoric times, Greenland was home to several successive Paleo-Eskimo cultures known today primarily through archaeological finds. The earliest entry of the Paleo-Eskimo into Greenland is thought to have occurred about 2500 BC.
And the photo just goes to show, the farther North you get, the whiter you get, as ones skin evolves to adapt to the cold.
And when you get even farther north, the redder you get.
Link to photo.jpg)
Greenlandic Inuit couple
But, the point is, that blond haired blue eyed Aryans almost definitely pre-dated the younger dryas, and they moved southward, and any trace of their previous existence was wiped out by one of humanities greatest ever Cataclysms when an entire sub-contentent, and an Island, was cut in half from manland europe.
All this happened between only 6500 and 11,000 BC.
The northward movements that have been attributed to the populating of Britain and Scandinavia, and the sudden appearance of white blue eyed people, was actually a "re-population", and they already lived in those lands previous to that.
They had lived and evolved in those lands, ever since Oldowan turned up in the Thames valley 1 million BC, and 1.5 million BC in Russia.
But until the younger dryas came and wiped any history of them out, they had no real reason to make any significant appearance on european mainland, were archaeological evidence would be preserved.
And that is why the first archaeological evidence of white man only appears after and during the Younger dryas.
However britain was likely not originally inhabited by pure Aryans.
Pure Aryans likely began colonising Britain only after the Northward migrations.
And even then. they likley shared the Island with Greekish looking people, as well as possibly even remnants of Indonesians, and the place likely got divided after Doggerland sank, and Scandinavians eventually began adding Britain to their North sea expansion.
Likely beginning around 3000 BC, with the invention of their Hjortspring boat.
Bronze age
Thousands of rock carvings from this period depict ships, and the large stone burial monuments known as stone ships, suggest that ships and seafaring played an important role in the culture at large. The depicted ships most likely represent sewn plank built canoes used for warfare, fishing and trade. These ship types may have their origin as far back as the neolithic period and they continue into the Pre-Roman Iron Age, as exemplified by the Hjortspring boat.[43]
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2020.08.19 17:05 translator-BOT [META] Weekly "Unknown" Identification Thread — 2020-08-19, Week 33

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Please make any identifications on the individual request pages.
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38 01/09/2019 Don't Bookmark Your Murder Tips and a Real Life Mission Impossible How to not get away with murder (Daniel Brophy) Personal creep with creepy neighbour and a never ending gift exchange A missionary who get murdered by the Sentinelese
39 09/09/2019 A Twist in The Tale, The Devil Down Under and A Wild Slide A Catfish With a Happy Ending Mysterious Death of Phoebe Handsjuk Deal the Devil Downunder,Story of Michael Atkins and Matthew Leveson
40 13/09/2019 Move Over Travis, There’s a Bad Badger in Town and The Sad Tale of The Sorry Cannibals Caroline Calloway content! Alive: The reluctant cannibals The antics of Stoffel the honey badger
41 20/09/2019 British Fairies, Irish Con Artists and Asian Angels Cassie's Personal Creep and Misadventure in Berlin (featuring Moe) An Irish Kidnapping The Cottingley Fairy Hoax
42 28/09/2019 When a loving Christian family inadvertently adopt a 22 year old sociopath with violent tendencies The tale of Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian Orphan with dwarfism #childdeception Helen Bailey: Author who penned her own death Jacob Barnett, Child Prodigy
43 06/10/2019 The Girl...Who Laughed...As A Man Got Sewn Into The Body of a Horse Story of Nathan Carman and a Sunken Boat A Runaway Bride Countess Elizabeth Báthory, World worst female serial killer? Carl Beach, Richard Madely
44 15/10/2019 What Happens When You Exorcise a Mild Mannered Michael? (Creep Live #3) Ireland's Own Bermuda Triangle An exorcism gone wrong Goose on the Loose! A goose named Andy
45 21/10/2019 A Guest Ghost Story and The Haunted Spots of Dublin Dutch Family in a Basement (and assorted ghost stories) Creep Dine With Me: Fainche. A Dublin 8 Haunting
46 26/10/2019 The Tragedy of the Triplets A tragic tale of triplets and a social experiment Haunted Nazi Dummy
47 31/10/2019 A Catfish Convict, Dawn of The Ed and a Goat Gets Giddy for Piss - It’s our Halloween Spooktacular! Rape Ads, Fake Sonograms, and a Catfisher’s Web of Lies Ed Gein, his mother and the inspiration for Psycho A goat with a penchant for piss (human piss)
48 12/11/2019 An Amuse Bouche of Creep Catch Ups AND The Human Baby Zoo Update on Belle Gibson (ep. 19) Canadian Quintuplets (Human Baby Zoo) Update on Ukrainian Orphan (ep. 42) T.I. (obsessed with daughter's hymen)
49 17/11/2019 The Greatest No-Show-Man and the Mighty Meaty Murderer Threatin, metal band on world tour (with no audience but great hair) Joe Metheny: a mighty meaty murder #serialkiller Donegal Creeps caught climbing a hospital to ouija
50 25/11/2019 Oh No! Where Did Moe Go? Moe Davis: Another chimp fiasco. Travis 2.0 (ep. 8)
51 03/12/2019 A Haunted Galway Baby, a Mystery Man in Sligo and The Spine Tingling Story of the Sleepless Russians (Creep Live #4) Peter Bergmann, a mystery man in Sligo reminiscent of Somerton Man (ep. 29) #blueball Haunted Galway baby #haunted Russian sleep deprivation experiment (this is pretty harrowing) Harry meets the Creeps for the first time Dick Dicker: Unabomber meets Mr. Hands
52 06/12/2019 A Life Heavy on Lies, Light on Lols Jennifer Pan, a Vietnamese-Canadian teen kills her parents (well one of them) Dave, the randy duck
53 17/12/2019 The Woman Who Accidentally Solved Her Own Mystery Disappearance Netty Nance accidently solves her own kidnapping (spoiler: it was her own "mother") Carlos Mariotti and a novel idea to save his mangled hand (spoiler: it doesn't work) Public Universal Friend. First recorded case of non-binary person? Mommy blogger swindles Shauna Sex Síopa!
54 05/01/2020 The Cannibal Cop and A January Assortment of Creeps Cassie tricks a girl into think she's going to Disney Gilberto Valle, the cannibal cop, caught via chat room #cannibal People used to post their kids around! Jeffrey Epstein. German ladies who set a zoo ablaze and killed 20 primates
55 10/01/2020 Too Many Mothers, Too Much Motherly Love and A Small Town Scandal with Massive Consequences Creep Live #5) Bobby Dunbar went missing but when he reappeared to mothers came forward to claim Barbara Daly Baekeland gets murdered (and fucked?) by her son #murder #incest The mysterious Circleville letters #murder #blueball Jen gets send a video of a man fucking a chicken Tiny Indonesian man convicted of the most amount if rapes
56 17/01/2020 Three Cheers for Murder Dying killing to be popular. Cheer leader murder! Karla Homolka, Canada's only female serial killer (this was just an off the cuff creep) One of our very own creepettes has their dog fucked by some local scoundrel :( Cork Christmas Party Shenanigans!
57 25/01/2020 Your Mother Sucks Creep In Hell True Stories behind the production of The Exorcist Jen creeps her own parasite which she definitely didn't get in Centra Parcs Terry McMahon goes on a tirade by his feminist daughter
58 31/01/2020 You Can't Make A Dick Out Of The American Penal System Steven Jay Russell, amazing story of the man who escaped from prison multiple times Andrea Mara; the man who faked his MIL out the car window, armchair sleuths and just how dire your Google search history gets when you kill fictional people for a living Belle Gibson update! She's Muslim now (ep. 19)
31/01/2020 The Creep Hive #1 Jen helps her housemate pee in New Zealand Tampon Girl!!
59 07/02/2020 Who’s side are you on? Story of Ursula Hermann: the German equivalent of Madeleine McCann. Epic creep Sophie admits she ate a raw rasher thinking it was parma ham Some people have non-verbal thought (mini Twitter thread) Graham Linehan (Glinner)
07/02/2020 The Creep Hive #2: The Casualties of The Swan The Sur-jury, The Swan and other horrific reality shows
60 14/02/2020 A Prince and a Perfect Murder Chris Benoit Canadian wrestler. Double murder suicide Shawna from Sex Siopa to share a big juicy salacious royal affair. A lot of creeps reported their mothers fed them raw sausages
15/02/2020 The Creep Hive #3: Schofe's done a runner Cassie discusses her sexuality and everyone cries "Showgirls came out at a very key point in my life" Phillip Schofield literally does a runner
61 21/02/2020 The world’s most badass backpacker, Ireland’s biggest ever manhunt and hotdog handjobs (Creep Live #6) Brendan O'Donnell: Ireland's Biggest Manhunt #serialkiller Kari Ferrell: Hipster Grifter. Gets employed by Vice and exposed Salt Creek Kidnapping. Backpackers take revenge #violence All dogs and the Dublin guy faked an abduction of an elderly person
22/02/2020 The Creep Hive #4: Never trust a Murphy Bed Dead tired, people who've died in Murphy beds!
62 28/02/2020 And it was all cum and paper mâché (Creep Live #7) Gerard John: some local prisoners pose as a young woman and blackmail and fragile young man. Alex Malarkey goes into a coma after a car accident. When he wakes he claims to have met Jesus in Heaven... Man struggles to keeping his wife suitably embalmed Jen discusses laying eggs Katie Hopkins getting the CUNT award
01/03/2020 The Creep Hive #5: Hope Springs Terminal Duffy was kidnapped :( Psychologist hides camera on women with Munchausen Jen says I brought poppers to a live show but it was Cool Swan. Twitter thread about guys pissing in their mouths Sarah, the creep transition year student tells us about Hope Ybarra, Munchausen mom Carlow Judicial System. 73 year old mad jailed for ramming car parked on path
63 07/03/2020 Hike Life Nightmare and The OG Love is Blind Sun Myung Moon and the Church of Unification. It's the Moonies! A Russian Misadventure. 9 hikers die mysteriously in the northern Ural mountains Youtuber faked his girlfriend's death. 21 year old Stephanie impersonates her granny (after she's murdered)
07/03/2020 The Creep Hive #6: Joint custody Cassie meets LeBron James Joint Custody. John Wood mummifies his own leg. The ultimate creep craft.
64 13/03/2020 The OG Disease Spreader: It's Typhoid Mary Sherry Pie turns out to be a super creep (in a really bad way) and has now caused an editing nightmare for producers. Typhoid Mary, famed asymptomatic carrier Putin brings in a new law so he can rule for forever.
13/03/2020 The Creep Hive #7: CAVERN OF PUSS Cassie worked in a residential care home. Patient double dosed a suppository which "activated" as Cassie helped her into a wheel chair. PERI-RECTAL ABSCESS. Arguably one of the most disgusting creeps of all time
65 20/03/2020 A mad story about a mad (cow) disease, a smooth criminal and an underground mission with hilarious consequences Dan Cooper Hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the northwest of the US; jumps out with thousands of dollars and is never seen again Mad Cow Disease and Doctor Daniel Carleton Gajdusek who goes to "help" Papua New Guinea and turns out ot be a paedophile School boys finds a secret warren under their school... A misadventure ensues
20/03/2020 Creep Live Online #1: A Town of Ticking Teenagers, Serial Turder and Mayhem at The Spa Mystery illness takes over town in North New York Sophie's top 3 getting stuck in toilet stories Woman gets naked and lost in spa
27/03/2020 Creep Live Online #2: The most haunted creep of the year
66 29/03/2020 Crafting conspiracies, cult clans and the game show killer Big Crafting is actually a Russian Propaganda Machine Rodney Alcala serial rapist, killer and gameshow contestant Taina Licciardo-Toivola: Annoying Aryian Cult family on YouTube
67 07/04/2020 The long (penis) and short (life) of your favourite covid meme and the mighty Michael that would not die Michael Malloy, the sturdy Irish fella in New York who proved to be un-murderable (well, almost Wardy Joubert, everyones favourite (well-endowed) naked covid meme (who's dead) Harry offically appointed alpha creep!
68 12/04/2020 More Tiger King, a YouTube Doll Debacle and Did Sophie Find D.B. Cooper? Inspired by recent haunted dolls on the hive, Cassie dives into internet sensation, Venus Angelic The Stars of Tiger King: An Epilogue
69 19/04/2020 Snitches get stitches and when internet comments destroy lives Would you provide an alibi for a loved one? Trevor Hardy - The Beast of Manchester (and his brother) The Inception of FaceBook Commentary: tangled history of internet smear campaign Kelsey Grammar maybe into pegging "It's very unfortunate for the mens. Their G-spot is up their ass hole and they're just going to have to get over it." -Cassie Delaney Eamon Holmes (5G) and the gardaí (posting photos of sun bathers)
70 26/04/2020 In The Shadow of the Truth Lies the Statue of Liberty Bling Water! Your water is dead, you fools Lisa helps Sophie with a follow up to Molly from Sophie's previous creep The Mandela Effect. Are we all in hell/purgatory/multiple dimensions/simulated world This episode has more filler than actual creeps but was no less enjoyable. Sophie, my handle is @Harry_birdboy. Cassie, I'll hug you! Gemma O'Doherty
71 06/05/2020 Shipman the shit man Crimes that happen in the virtual world that cross over into reality and suicide pact community killer Harold Shipman, world's most prolific (and boring) serial killer Gemma O'Doherty again (but she gets owned by Dublin airport on Twitter)
72 12/05/2020 Beta Theta Pi? More like Beta Theta Die and the Glow Up with Deadly Consequences Beta Theta Pi, Penn State University. Hazing ends in death :( Sophie loves horror. Tells the real life story behind Scream. (Impromtu creep!) Radium Girls!
73 19/05/2020 Walk like a reincarnated Egyptian also that time a squirrel ate some guys nuts Dorothy Eady, the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess.Cassie is mean to her mother Creep Confectionary is now a thing. Sophie seeds the idea for a Toast Podcast. Sophie presents a gaggle of gals cat-fishing some terrorists Man gets balls eaten by squirrels Jen and Sophie want to host their own Most Haunted. Cassie protests, as usual Camilla and Prince Charles talk dirty
74 26/05/2020 Don't anger a Karen, canal creeps and the parents who put the kid in kidnapping Shannon Matthews, Karen Matthews has her own daughter kidnappped while she plays Xbox Belle Gibson update! She is now Oromo (an Ethiopian ethnic minority). Katherine Knight and her human pelt Riding in a tent on the canal
75 02/06/2020 Freezin’ people ain’t easy, the genuinely geriatric mother and the biggest creeps of the week ever The YouTubers that rehomed their son The oldest woman in the world to give birth (oyster woman). 40 year old stone foetus! Jen finally gets to tell her cryogenics story. Multple strands See Cassie
76 09/06/2020 No name, No luggage, No labels, No answers 1.) In a room at the Oslo Plaza Hotel, a young, elegant woman is found dead, with a gun shot wound to the head. Why did she check in under a false name? Why are the labels removed from her clothes? 2) Death in Ice Valley The gals are reunited!
77 16/06/2020 Guilt or grief? The dark story of Casey Anthony Via Reddit/Sarah. Creepy MSN guy and possibly related swindler Casey
78 23/06/2020 Slumber Murders and The OG Moby Dick Sleep killers The OG Moby Dick
25/06/2020 Creep Hive Sophie's Cock Along! Denis Nilsen:ScottishSerial Killer (and middle child)
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2020.08.12 07:39 roflmao77 Talking points to use against liberandus and bullas (Long post)

I've compiled a few statistics and talking points over a few days that you guys can use whenever talking to these mlechhas.
ICM Poll: 20% of British Muslims sympathize with 7/7 bombers
NOP Research: 1 in 4 British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified
Channel Four (2006): 31% of younger British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified compared to 14% of those over 45.
People-Press: 31% of Turks support suicide attacks against Westerners in Iraq.
YNet: One third of Palestinians (32%) supported the slaughter of a Jewish family, including the children:,7340,L-4053251,00.html
World Public Opinion: 83% of Egyptians approve of attacks on American troops. 26% of Indonesians approve of attacks on American troops. 26% of Pakistanis approve of attacks on American troops. 68% of Moroccans approve of attacks on American troops. 90% of Palestinians approve of attacks on American troops. 72% of Jordanians approve of attacks on American troops. 52% of Turks approve of some or most groups that attack Americans (39% oppose) A minority of Muslims disagreed entirely with terror attacks on American troops. About half of those opposed to attacking Americans were sympathetic with al-Qaeda’s attitude toward the U.S.
World Public Opinion (2009): 30% of Palestinians support attacks on American civilians working in Muslim countries. 24% support the murder of Americans on U.S. soil. Only 74% of Turks and 55% of Pakistanis disapprove of terror attacks against civilians on U.S. soil.
Pew Research (2010): 55% of Jordanians have a positive view of Hezbollah 30% of Egyptians have a positive view of Hezbollah 45% of Nigerian Muslims have a positive view of Hezbollah (26% negative) 43% of Indonesians have a positive view of Hezbollah (30% negative)
Pew Research (2010): 60% of Jordanians have a positive view of Hamas (34% negative). 49% of Egyptians have a positive view of Hamas (48% negative) 49% of Nigerian Muslims have a positive view of Hamas (25% negative) 39% of Indonesians have a positive view of Hamas (33% negative)
Pew Research (2010): 15% of Indonesians believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified. 34% of Nigerian Muslims believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified.
16% of young Muslims in Belgium state terrorism is "acceptable".
Populus Poll (2006): 12% of young Muslims in Britain (and 12% overall) believe that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified. 1 in 4 support suicide attacks against British troops.
Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified. 35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall). 42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall). 22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall). 29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).
Pew Research (2011): 8% of Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified (81% never). 28% of Egyptian Muslims believe suicide bombings are often or sometimes justified (38% never).
Pew Research (2007): Muslim-Americans who identify more strongly with their religion are three times more likely to feel that suicide bombings are justified
27% of British Muslims do not support the deportation of Islamic extremists preaching violence and hate.
Federation of Student Islamic Societies: About 1 in 5 Muslim students in Britain (18%) would not report a fellow Muslim planning a terror attack.
ICM Poll: 25% of British Muslims disagree that a Muslim has an obligation to report terrorists to police.
Populus Poll (2006): 16% of British Muslims believe suicide attacks against Israelis are justified. 37% believe Jews in Britain are a "legitimate target".
World Public Opinion: Majorities in Egypt (63%) and Libya (61%) supported the 9/11/2012 attacks against American embassies, including Benghazi. Original Link: (Removed) (Reference in this link)
Pew Research (2013): At least 1 in 4 Muslims do not reject violence against civilians (study did not distinguish between those who believe it is partially justified and never justified).
Pew Research (2013): 15% of Muslims in Turkey support suicide bombings (also 11% in Kosovo, 26% in Malaysia and 26% in Bangladesh).
PCPO (2014): 89% of Palestinians support Hamas and other terrorists firing rockets at Israeli civilians.
Pew Research (2013): Only 57% of Muslims worldwide disapprove of al-Qaeda. Only 51% disapprove of the Taliban. 13% support both groups and 1 in 4 refuse to say.
BBC Radio (2015): 45% of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the West represent "mainstream Islam".
Palestinian Center for Political Research (2015): 74% of Palestinians support Hamas terror attacks.
Pew Research (2014): 47% of Bangladeshi Muslims says suicide bombings and violence are justified to "defend Islam". 1 in 4 believed the same in Tanzania and Egypt. 1 in 5 Muslims in the 'moderate' countries of Turkey and Malaysia.
The Polling Company CSP Poll (2015): 19% of Muslim-Americans say that violence is justified in order to make Sharia the law in the United States (66% disagree).
The Polling Company CSP Poll (2015): 25% of Muslim-Americans say that violence against Americans in the United States is justified as part of the "global Jihad (64% disagree).
The Sun (2015: Following Nov. 2015 attacks in Paris, 1 in 4 young Muslims in Britain (and 1 in 5 overall) said they sympathize with those who fight for ISIS. (link removed)
ICM (2016): 2 in 3 Muslims in Britain would not report terror plot to police.
East West University (Bangladesh) (2016): 1 in 10 Bangladeshi university students support terrorism. Of these, more than half (52%) are from well-off families." target="_blank">
Policy Exchange (2016): 48% if British Muslims would not report a person "linked to terror."
(German) Federal Ministry for Family Affairs (2018) - 8% of Muslim students support the creation of an Islamic State via terrorism.
Policy and Survey Research (2019) - 61% of Palestinians approve of bomb attack on Jewish family that killed teen girl.
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2020.08.03 02:29 sealevels [US to anywhere] [Sell] [Perfume] Alkemia, BPAL, Death and Floral, Poesie, Sixteen92, Stereoplasm and more 🥰

Hello! Trying to let go of some things that don't love me, lots of goodies. If you want a whole house of items, I can give you a bundle deal!
Moon Goddess (50% full) - $6 (lunar florals - datura, cereus, white poppy, water musk)
Yuletide Blessings 2019 - $12 (boozy fruitcake studded with glace cherries, candied pineapple, citron, candied ginger, dates, and brown sugar; gilded citrus peel for luck; balsam pine for health and protection; cinnamon and clove for friendship; bayberry for wealth; tonka for love; golden amber and Omani frankincense to welcome the new year.)
Supernatural (100% full) - $1.50 (an ethereal alchemy of aroma molecules, iso-e, ambrox, tonkin musk)
Andromeda's Curse
(samples, $1.50 each)
Alice Moving Under Skies - A golden Afternoon- tea, honey, sweet vanilla cream, and soft pastel water lilies.
Kismet - White chocolate covered raspberries with raspberry leaf garnish & creamy vanilla
Sea of Trees - hinoki, bamboo, black musk
Tasseomancy - Neroli, Bergamot, Tea, Mahogany, Incense, Cedarwood, Amber, Myrrh
The Star - pink pepper, pineapple, Egyptian musk
Arcana Wildcraft
Apples Crave Cider (100% full) $13 - Bright, spiced apple cider drizzled with honey and a small wisp of smoke.
Area of Effect The Fade (3mL) - $4 (lavender, coumarin, hay, honey, lilac, pine, amber, musk, citrus)
Astrid Ajevie slonks - $2.50 each
Ardor - Clementine, lemon, nutmeg, and patchouli over a base of apples and healing calendula and sunflower petals
Dream, Beautiful - Sugared Sicilian lemons, Italian lavender, thyme, mugwort, and Dalmatian sage.
Summertime Rolls - A sea of grass, watermelon, violets, lemon myrtle, bergamot mint, and sweet davana.
Merci No. 142 - full, $12. No notes listed.
Gladdener of all Hearts - filled to just below label, $12 - Honeyed milk, baby powder, lavender, orris root, sage, carnation, angelica, frankincense, and rose otto
The Phantom Wooer - full, $18 - stargazer lily, bone dust, tomb mosses, buttonweed, moonflower, and honey myrtle
The Pleasures of Aristocratic Women - full, $18 - Honeyed amber, teakwood, almond, and coconut
Utter Sophistication - full $18 (Dorian and lavender with beeswax rosin, polished oak, vanilla husk, a couple of stray popcorn kernels, and a dollop of Snake Oil)
(samples, $1 each)
Anne Bonny - A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense
Bloodlust - Dragon’s blood essence, heavy red musk, Indonesian patchouli and swarthy vetiver with a drop of cinnamon
Druid - ancient trees, fertile soil, wild herbs, spring grasses, and burgundy pitch incense
Lust - red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh.
Miskatonic University - The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls
Uruk - Thick bitter almond and heady night-blooming jasmine with saffron, cinnamon leaf, red patchouli, river lilies, bergamot, fig leaf and the sacred incense of Inanna
Wolf's Heart - Grants courage under extreme conditions, helps overcome fear of death, and strengthens the fortitude of artists and businessmen, enabling them to further their goals
Death and Floral
(full size)
The Woman and Her Time-Traveling Picnic Basket - full, $12 - Lush aged golden amber, dry sage, buckwheat honey, and orange blossoms. A red gingham blanket under the summer sun, and an endless amount of days.
(samples, $2.50 each)
If the Sharks Don't Get You First, The Sun Will - Realistic sunscreen, hot summer sun, salty beach waves splashing around a wooden raft.
Mountain Cats Will Come to Drag Away Your Bones - Pepper, laurel leaf, wood, musk, tobacco, amber, fresh mountain air.
My Whole Life is a Delicate Cycle - Bubbly Laundry soap, the metal clink of change in machines, a cotton bra with an unknown owner.
Nothing Rusts in the Desert, The Air is Full of Ghosts - Pink cactus flowers and sweet grass, with notes of warm rain and woody dry vanilla.
That First Morning Moment - Cozy blend of lavender and chamomile tea, with notes of white amber and soft cotton.
The Same Way I Am in Love With the Moon - Palo Santo blended with smoked sandalwood and a lunar accord. Deep and reminiscent of a breezy night under a looming full moon.
Two Cups of Tea, A Summer Monsoon, and Me and You - Rain on cracked soil, wet creosote, a swelling monsoon, desert cedar, black tea.
Deconstructing Eden (labels are smudged or almost completely rubbed off. These labels can run off with general wear.)
Samples are $2
Flower Moon (2.5mL EDP) - label worn - $2 (pale, cool moonlight, peony, magnolia, mimose, and lilacs)
Quan Yin - Rice flower, willow branches, dove feathers and healing waters.
Mad Girl's Love Song - Crisp white sheets, nightblooming jasmine, and peony
Catherine Medici - Oakmoss, precious woods, spices and cinnamon in the base. Ripe peaches, jasmine sambac and roses in the heart and top notes of very understated citrus and bergamot.
Field of Dreams, 5mL and full - $10 - A blended Amber with Lavender Kashmir, Lavender absolute and Lavender
Nui Cobalt
(samples, $1.50 each)
Hoodwink - A tall glass of Thai iced tea sweetened with Tupelo honey and swirled with vanilla rice milk.
Seleniophilia - Night-blooming jasmine, dewy gardenia, Mysore sandalwood, white amber, pearlescent musk, silver sage and a touch of frozen clove.
(2mL apothecary bottles, $5 each)
All Jollity - (black amber, dark vanilla beans, rich oud, creamy roasted chestnut, a hint of caraway)
Meg - (white and pink roses, soft heliotrope, powdery notes, ambrette seed)
Jo- crisp apples, delicious gingerbread, a stack of old books, wafts of balsam fir
(samples - $2 each)
Aphrodite - intoxicating gardenia + jasmine, sparkling champagne, pink peppercorn, lush greenery, amber, velvet musk
Beth - buttery vanilla sugar cookies, Earl Grey tea sweetened with wildflower honey, radiant white musk
Bookish - the slightly sweet smell of aged pages and leathery covers
Bewitched (the ingredients for a love spell – yellow apple, clove, apricot, black pepper, vetiver, anise, cauldron smoke)
Cauldron of Morning - powdery marshmallows laced with licorice, juicy plum and blood orange, gardenia, green rose, rich mahogany
Embrace - milky, rich white sandalwood note to add a depth and spicy warmth to any scent
Montgomery - lemony sweet viburnum blooms, plush Peru Balsam, delicate neroli, a hint of green foliage
Sir - a masterful blend of fine cognac and tobacco, leather riding boots and a worn leather saddle, hay from the stables, warm skin
Strawberry Fields (earthy green oakmoss, wild strawberries, Italian bergamot, lily of the valley, galbanum)
Valentine’s Day 2015 - $10 (no notes)
(samples, 2mL - $2.50 each)
Cruel Summer - Beach rock, hot sand, warm palm fronds, sunblock, salt, rum
Good Morning, Bayside High - Sun-baked cement, rows of metal lockers, sprinklers on dry grass, towering palms, beach sand, shaved ice
Hecate (1mL sample) - Tart cranberry, benzoin, fir needle, dark chocolate, smoldering incense, dry leaves.
Jean - White gardenia, Mexican tuberose, sparkling aldehydes, ginger ale, passion fruit, coconut water, silken musks
The Primrose Path (Ajevie slonk) - Soaked earth, lichen, ancient oak roots, grass, water lily, heavy stone, a tangled garland of faded spring blooms.
Strychnine (have 2) (Black tea, Calabrian bergamot, Moro blood orange, black figs, cedar heartwood, anisette cookie crumbs)
Stereoplasm Please note these labels rub off quickly! Some may be worn or partially smudged.
Daybreak - (3mL, $10)
Librarian (1.8mL, $4)- Vintage perfume, rosewater, aged paper, velvet upholstery, cherrywood, cognac, orange butter and mulling spices.
Stone and Wit
(samples, $1.50 each)
Blame, Etc. - Opens with tart and juicy pink peppercorn, balanced by herbal, sweet, and sharp coriander.
Ordination - A bright burst of tart rhubarb mellows into citrusy, herbal neroli that slowly melts into warm, blonde woods with a touch of lightly spiced earthiness in the background.
Sucreabeille (take all for $20)
(Drams - $7 each)
bawdygotmelaid - (sticky label) A sultry blend of Amber, real Ylang Ylang essential oil, pure vanilla, and golden honey.
Beekeeper’s Daughter (pure honeycomb, freshly harvested from the hive; a blooming herb garden full of clary sage, fennel, and thyme; peach blossoms and a touch of medicinal camphor.)
Serenity (juniper sage, orange blossom, white tea & ginger, cherry blossom, ylang ylang, nag champa)
Sunshine and Low Tide - sand and seafoam, kelp and tidal pools.
(samples - $3 each)
Compass Rose (the ocean on a stormy morning - kelp, tobacco, bay rum, red rose, vanilla)
Sugar and Spite
Sister Witch, 5mL full - $6 a steamy cup of earl grey tea, wee lavender buds, and sweet milk
Whisper Sisters
(samples, $1)
Hazy Shade (sweet frankincense (aged), Egyptian musk, cedar, dark amber (aged), hint of ginger.)
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2020.07.31 17:01 scintillation98 New VTubers From an Indonesian Based VTuber Agency

New VTubers From an Indonesian Based VTuber Agency

Silhouettes & debut dates of the 3 new VTubers from MAHA5
MAHA5 (Maha Panca) is a VTuber agency based in Indonesia. I could not find any other useful information about this agency beside a guess that it's probably founded by Andi Adinata. Honestly, i have been trying to post about this particular agency when they started to open an audition for new talents, but it is very hard to find any significant information about MAHA5, so i basically gave up.
Its current talents are:
  • Andi Adinata, a very popular Indonesian VTuber with more than 220.000 subscribers on his youtube channel
  • Alia Adelia, she was once featured on youtube trending as a creator on the rise, she speaks Japanese, English, and Indonesian
  • NANARIKA (Nana Aruna & Utami Rika), a duo gaming VTuber.
During Creators Super Stream (CSS) Event, Andi Adinata revealed two out of three new VTubers from MAHA5. One of them is described by this article as a shy girl who wants to get rid of her shyness by becoming a vtuber. The other one is described as a mysterious male with a deep voice.
Link to the new VTubers:
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2020.07.27 11:54 27JJuldacket Play No Games Da-ting Si-te

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2020.07.05 17:23 vietnamese-bitch I'm an Asian woman and I have given up on white and Asian men.

(Hey fragile incels. I know you’re reading this and dying to insult me all you want but you trying to comment here shows exactly how obsessive you are. “Ugly” isn’t an insult when we both know I’m hot as fuck and you’re lying to yourselves. Quit being a little keyboard dumbass when you don’t even have half a spine to say this shit to me in real life. Go back to your smelly basement and die mad about it.)
I'm just going to be single for the rest of my life. Fitness, beauty, cats and coffee is all I need.
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2020.06.18 07:04 autotldr Hacked to death for dating her cousin

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)
Honor killings have nothing in common with Indonesian culture or its history.
The tragic murder of a 16-year-old schoolgirl will sorely test the judiciary in Indonesia, where Islamic hardliners are increasing their grip on a moderate society deeply upset by what has been described as the country's first honor killing.
The United Nations says there are about 5,000 honor killings each year and nearly all go unreported.
Bantaeng Regency police chief Wawan Sumantri declared it as "a case of honor killing" and added Rosmini had "Surrendered herself to her fate." Pictures of her blood-soaked corpse were posted online.
She also told BenarNews: "This is an honor or shame killing. This can't be separated from the patriarchal culture that places women as a source of morality in society. Details of the alleged sexual relations have not been revealed fully. Was the girl dating her cousin or was she sexually assaulted?" That was an unfortunate choice of words about circumstances that are simply not relevant to the allegations that she was butchered by her two brothers in front of her family.
Support UCA News.... As 2020 unfolds, we are asking readers like you to help us keep Union of Catholic Asian News free so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world at no cost.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: new#1 killed#2 Honor#3 Rosmini#4 family#5
Post found in /worldnews and /indonesia.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.06.14 15:55 SteliosRotas What actually happened with the Anime Batch lead and Discord stuff

I'm the owner of the Finding Saki Sanobashi Discord server. I'm saying that because I want to clear out some stuff about the new lead that was posted here on Reddit. While the things people say about the lead are true, but they don't tell the full story. Every time I see users asking what is this lead or if there is a Discord server. So with this post, I want to explain everything.
On May 24-26 (I don't remember the exact date) I searched on Google "go for a punch anime dl". That search meant that it will search on public Google Drive files with the name "go for a punch dl". When hitting enter, only one result came up. The title of the result was "S1+S2+S3 Sub Indo Batch Download". The result didn't have a description and it was a 404 page. So we thought that it was deleted. You might think that the Season 1, 2 and 3 isn't Saki Sanobashi, because Saki Sanobashi was an OVA (probably). We guessed that the people who uploaded this file, might have uploaded Saki Sanobashi on the same folder or something like that and it ended up showing us that link.
After a while, we found about an Indonesian anime subtitling group named "Batch Indo". Later, someone said that they don't have to do with the anime. Then, とびたQ, a researcher on the Discord server, contacted her friend, shez. Shez, who is probably Indonesian (but speaks Indonesian, I don't know, I haven't asked), said : "Indo Batch is like the way we call a full season or a complete season of a series in one folder or zip files. They usually come with [Indonesian] subtitles though." That meant there were more Batch groups.
With that in mind, I went ahead and searched for Batch groups who were active between 2000-2011 and got their emails. After I collected those emails, we contacted shez and brought him to the Discord server. We asked him if he can translate the email that we were going to send to those Batch groups in Indonesian. Shez agreed and translated this English text to Indonesian:
I have heard that you did Indonesian subtitles. Can you help me with something? So, around the time you were making Indonesian subtitles, there was an anime that was called something like: "Go For A Punch". The anime goes like this: "9 girls are trapped in a bathroom with no way of getting out. They have a philosophical debate of never getting out. After a few days, they all go crazy and kill themselves. They commit suicide by smashing their heads to the floor, by scratching their necks, or even by drowning in the sink. A girl with almost white hair drowned the other girls because she couldn't do it." This is the anime. It is a little bit bad, but we can't find it. Did you remember an anime like this? Or did you made a subtitle for that anime?
Thanks a lot!
Shez was nice and gave us the translated text and I sent the Indonesian text to every email that I had gathered. After a few days with no response, I stopped checking on my email inbox and started searching for other leads.
One day, I decided to check on the mail and one of the groups responded. A group named "Anime Batch" responded. The email wrote "you still alive? I got it" when you translated it through Google. I was shocked and shared it with everyone in the Discord. At first, I thought that I had emailed a troll. But, when I searched their email on Google, I noticed that it was the actual group. Apparently, they have been subtitling anime from 1995. 15 years. Why would a 15-year-old group troll us? Of course, we think that they referred to another anime, but I gave them the full description of Saki Sanobashi. When contacting shez about it, he said that the correct translation of the email was: "Are you still active? I already got it."
They replied to us after 9 days, that's why I think he/she asked if we are still active. So, we replied to their email asking if they can send it to us. I send the email using Google Translate, but if they don't respond in the following 9 days, I will ask shez if she can make a translation of our email.
Now, a user uploaded the lead on Reddit without any context and everyone thought it was fake. I think she did that because we don't share every lead we find on Reddit. In May, I and another person made some evidence against SakiSanobashiOP after the original interview. But, we made a mistake. We shared the evidence in the general chat, which anyone can access. So, we decided to do another small interview with SakiSanbashiOP again. We asked him the question and he responded with a pretty fake story. So, we thought that he used an alt account and saw our evidence. So, we decided that we must keep evidence against SakiSanobashiOP out from the public eye. But, for this lead, we didn't care if someone uploaded it on Reddit. So, probably, the person who uploaded the original post thought that, because we kept the evidence aginst SakiSanobashiOP in private, that every lead should be private. That's not true. If you are not sure if you are supposed to say something, just ask.
Now for the Discord. I have seen multiple times people asking about the Discord server. The Finding Saki Sanobashi Discord Server. People think that the Discord servers for Saki Sanobashi have been deleted. Of course, that isn't true. I created the Finding Saki Sanobashi Discord Server back in January. I have made an invite in my older posts, there is an invite in Disboard and Media Adaptation has the invite in the desription of his weekly search videos.
The Saki Sanobashi Discord server is a serious server to find Saki Sanobashi. Uploading memes and fanart is not allowed and we are trying to get leads. To keep the Server troll-free, you must make an application in order to get in the actual server. If you want the researcher role, you must apply some research you have done on the Saki Sanobashi search. But, if you want to just watch the progress, you can get the Interested role. When you are interested, you can watch the search, but you can't talk.
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2020.06.13 19:46 Applejuice42 You will never fit the ideal of western masculinity. So break the mold.

A bit about me, i'm 31 years old and as a half-Indonesian/half Dutch guy, i had a 50% chance to be either tall or short. I always thought i was 5'9 but it turns out im 5'7. If that doesn't seem so short to you, please note i grew up among Dutch guys who are around 6 feet- on AVERAGE, and my best friend in high school is 6'5.
Anyway, my take on height is this. In today's western world, being >6ft is like having a D-cup and/or a peach-shaped butt. Sure, people will tell you it's not ALL they're looking for in dating. You can still have a hideous face, a rotten personality etc. However, note that the language here tends to be: "there can still be deal-breaker X or Y". However, if you have an AA-cup, that can be the deal-breaker in and of itself. Best you can do then is "yeah, she has an AA-cup, BUT...". Not to argue which side has it worse, but seriously, check out SmallBoobIssues and tell me the tone isn't similar to short.
So what are we deal-breakers to do? Well, i can't speak for everyone. But at the age of 16 at the end of high-school, I too was still a technical virgin. Then my guidance counselor told me to follow my passion, so instead of going for something like law-studies, i went ahead and studied Japanese Language and Culture to be come an uber-weeb. The result? Right now i am 100% financially destitute. However, that's mostly because i decided to co-found a pre-successful start up (check out SolidWater if you're interested). I actually had a decent career as an account manager in the IT-business before that.
I also had an amazing time with many relationships right from my first year in uni, both casual and (somewhat) serious. Turns out when studying Japanese, my Asian looks actually worked in my favor with the girls i met! Considering Asians usually are the worst-off ethnicity when it comes to dating, i can only imagine the wonders this must have done for my confidence.
Of course, there were some hints that there was in fact something wrong with me - like a girl i dated who studied medicine, but broke things off right before her uni-gala because she was taller than me in heels. Or another girl who mysteriously stopped responding after she told me the girls in her sorority sorely disapproved me. But all in all i dated plenty of girls to be able to ignore unfortunate mishaps like that.
I also learned of a different masculine ideals. Takayuki Yamada (in picture) in Crows Zero is a great example. At 5'5, in western movies he would never have gotten a role like that, but he did star in The Naked Director which is on Netflix now. Anyway, there are also the host-boys on which i did my BA-thesis, and even though nowadays under western influence being tall has become increasingly important in Asia also, there is still a place for guys who are on the shorter side. The difference? A sense of elegance, refinement and yes, even cuteness that can be attractive on men as well as women.
I therefore seriously recommend looking east when it comes to fashion and beauty ideals. Obviously you need to adjust the styling to make it your own. And you will surely catch flak for being different, or even making an effort to look good here in the west, at least where i'm from. But hey, since when have we short guys ever NOT been derided for having the audacity to be confident? Since there isn't a mold that fits us anyway, might as well break it and make our own. It'll be like high school all over again.
To close, i'm not saying you should dress like a Kpop/Jpop star. Although you can certainly take inspiration from there. Try Bollywood too, while you're at it. I'm saying you shouldn't limit yourself to western beauty ideals, which simply don't offer a positive place for us shorter guys, at least not right now. Know that there are more worlds out there, with a wealth of ideas on what constitutes beauty. Find your niche. And take heart from that as you trudge on in this hostile world.
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2020.06.10 04:32 thehomediggity Do indonesian girls consider going out to eat a date?

I'm an Indonesian living in America. As an american, it is common for a guy and a girl to eat at a restaurant together as friends, and nothing more than that. However, whenever I hang out with an indo girl one-on-one, I get the feeling that they consider it more than friendship? One time, one of them asked me if I usually eat out with girls and when I said yes, she seemed disappointed.
Can this be generalized or are there differences between religion, region, and suku?
Kalo ada yang mau jawab dengan bahasa indo silahkan, aku ngerti
Makasih ya
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2020.06.01 17:47 devochkazayats My (23f) friend (30m) completely ignores me now cos he has a new gf

We are both doing our masters degree in a foreign country, I’m central asian and he is from Honduras. I had no friends in the first few months but he was willing to talk to me and we bonded very well. I’ve never met anyone like him before as he was an emotional person who was willing to express himself and his feelings openly (he takes pride in that and likes saying this makes him far better than other men). Overall, he is a person that I click and connect with so well and eventually we developed feelings. We started dating but problems arose. He flirted with any girl he met (even with a 19 yr old), he asked for girls numbers all the time, he chatted with million others daily. One time while we were hanging out at a bar and kissing, there was a girl singing live, and it was getting late so I asked him to leave together but weirdly he insisted on staying (he usually walks me home). I found out later he asked out the singer girl and got her number (i swear, even though she saw us kissing). He also likes talking about his exes, and showing me their pictures. He was seeing a South African girl while starting our relationship and ended things with her while having a retreat at her place but didnt tell her the truth that he likes me (he told her some lame excuse). She was left confused and insecure about herself.. Eventually, we broke up but decided to stay good friends and i relied on him as i have no one else. I’m fine with him seeing other girls but he is just such an asshole. He dated an Indonesian girl, but lost interest in her because she was too timid because of her religion. He started seeing a Filipino behind her back and eventually broke up with her. But because the relationship with the Filipino girl was a long distance, he eventually lost interest in her too and started talking to another girl he met on tinder. He didnt tell her about this and plans on lying to her about the long distance not working out when he breaks up with her. He generally has like 2 male friends and tons of girl friends. He keeps them around for the ‘next possible gf’ and the attention and feeling of worth they give him. And whenever i try to reach out to him, talk to him or meet him, he always makes up an excuse not to. I know it’s because of the new girl. He used to act the same way with his friends when we were together. I just hate his guts now, I don’t know how to deal with my feelings. He is just so full of himself and acts like he is so much better than others. Not to mention, he is a coward, never honest with the girls that he is cheating on them.
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2020.05.31 18:40 Shankism2 It's been over a week, the funeral is done. Here's Hana Kimura's obituary from Dave Meltzer.

It's been over a week, the funeral is done. Here's Hana Kimura's obituary from Dave Meltzer.
The death of Hana Kimura this past week is a complicated story about reality shows, the worst aspects of social media and cyber bullying, and likely with the unique aspects of the time we are living in.
The end result was the suicide death of a 22-year-old woman who had high-level stage presence and a unique look, and was likely to explode in 2020 had this been a normal year, as the most marketable and biggest star in Japanese women’s wrestling.
The story has far wider implications in so many different ways than most pro wrestling stories. Its repercussions, besides her own death, include the possibility of the end of a popular worldwide television show, and even more, talk in Japan about enacting new legislation that would make cyber bullying a more serious crime. While obviously a huge news story in Japan, it garnered a lot of mainstream attention in the U.S. due to the popularity of the television reality show “Terrace House.”
“Terrace House,” the show she was a cast member in, was a major prime time show on the Fuji TV Network, where it usually drew five to six million viewers. But it also had a large following outside of Japan, on Netflix, where it airs with English subtitles. Netflix doesn’t release viewer numbers, but the show was said to have delivered numbers well above what was expected for that type of a show.
On 5/22, the day of her death, Terrace House and Hana Kimura was the most searched topic in the U.S. on the Internet, with more than 500,000 searches, just ahead of Joe Biden
Kimura was suffering from bad depression for some time even as her wrestling career was on its ascent. She had mutilated her arms and cut her wrists in the past.
The turning point was an incident on the reality show where people wanting to be celebrities are put together with both scripted and unscripted scenarios to attempt to create relationships and relationship dramas. By American reality show standards, “Terrace House” is actually quite tame and the incident that led to her death would be at best a minor talking point on a show like “Jersey Shore” a few years ago.
Kimura was on the show starting in September, considered a major coup by the Stardom promotion to get her a mainstream following with the goal of making her and Giulia the two biggest stars in the company. The idea was to create a mainstream star in what is right now a very niche genre and expose her to a large network prime time television audience. Although very pretty and charismatic, because of her muscular shoulders as compared to most Japanese women, she stood out for her look as compared to some of the other women celebrities. While outgoing on the pro wrestling stage, in real life she was shy, and noted being very inexperienced in relationships with guys. That was actually part of her charm in the early weeks. Her character was viewed very positively in the early episodes.
It should be noted that Kimura went through a lot of bullying when she was growing up. Her mother, Kyoko Kimura, was a woman pro wrestler who competed a lot in death match style. Hana Kimura was of mixed ethnicity. Her father, who split from her mother and her when she was one, was Indonesian, so she was half-Japanese and half-Indonesian. This gave her unique features, but while growing up in school she was taunted over being different.
She grew up around pro wrestling, attending shows with her mother. She even won the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight comedy title in 2005 (think WWE 24/7 title) at a show in Tokyo when she was eight years old. She immediately lost it to her mother.
Because of wanting to be a pro wrestler, she lifted weights and had, as compared to a usual Japanese woman, big shoulders and athletic arms and legs, but when people turned on her, they was mocked for that as well.
“Obviously Hana is very beautiful,” said one person close to her to us regarding the show. “But on the show, she is like twice the size of the other girls. And on the show, and in real life, she is very self-conscious because she has huge muscular shoulders compared to the other girls. And Terrace House fans also bullied her about that kind of stuff. It seems silly, because she is a very pretty girl, but it just goes to show that anyone can have self-confidence issues. You’d think from the looks of it, this girl would have it all. Very obviously she’s the one being pushed to lead her company.”
During the filming of the show, Kimura, a male comedian cast member named Kai, and two others, Yume and Sacho, went on a double date in Kyoto. Kai talked his career and showed a romantic interest in Kimura. But he was broke and when they did the double date, he didn’t pay for it because he didn’t have any money. Sacho, who owns a business and wanted the idea of a double date because of his interest in Yume, was willing to pay for it. Kimura was mad at Kai for not paying for the date in their Air BnB rental when in a bath with Yume, the other woman.
Some fans of the show were mad because they wanted Kimura & Kai to hook up and it was clear that wasn’t going to happen.
But the actual storyline came later, in a show taped during the week of 1/19 to 1/25, and aired on 3/31.
Kimura had put her wrestling costume that she had been using of late in the washing machine. Kai put his own clothes in the washing machine. He then came back and threw his clothes and her wrestling costume in the dryer, which shrank it and ruined it.
When she found out, she started yelling at him, saying this was the ring costume she wore on 1/4 at the Tokyo Dome on the biggest match of her life and the costume had so many memories for hear and it was like her life. She yelled at Kai and basically slapped his hat off his head because at first he wasn’t apologetic.
She last wore the outfit on the 1/19 show in Tokyo and wore an older outfit on the 1/26 show. She had confided in friends that something happened on the show and she was worried that the public would not like the way she came off. There was a report that Kai and Kimura had made up but that it didn’t air on the show. Then, due to COVID-19, the show shut down production so this was the lasting impression of her.
She was bombarded with hate over social media. Whether no more filming of episodes (the show had continue on Fuji television with the final episode on 5/19 before this week’s episode and the rest of the season was canceled but new footage had not been shot in a few months), plus her regular routine of wrestling was shut down and taken away. It may have taken away a means to cope with the depression, and things got much worse.
It should be noted that all the negative messages, including her getting messages daily saying she should die, came from Terrace House viewers and not from the wrestling fan side. But a tiny but hurtful percentage of wrestling fans are no different which why this touched such a nerve in wrestling, particularly among women performers. She was constantly being told if her costume meant so much to her, why did she leave it in the washing machine.
There were fans who sided with her as well, who saw that the frustrations between the two had been building and that Kai shouldn’t have just nonchalantly put his clothes in and then put everything in the dryer without noticing it was her unique wrestling gear. Others were negative to her about leaving her gear in the washer and that she shouldn’t have been so rude. It got to the point where Kimura disabled all comments on her Instagram because she was getting so much hate. In a later episode, Kai left the house and tried to make up with her by paying her the costs of making a new outfit. When he left the house, everyone gave him a goodbye hug except her, which also villainized her since to a lot of the women viewers, he was a popular character.
“Terrace House” is a tamer version of the type of shows where good looking young men and women are put together with the idea of people watching romances and drama. The show was in its fifth season, and titled, “Terrace House Tokyo: 2019-2020.”
Instead of drinking parties and exotic locations, it’s people who want to become bigger celebrities in a house doing mundane things on a daily basis, more like real life, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, going to restaurants, watching TV and exploring each others’ day jobs. The cast members come and go, but it’s always three women and three men, young, good looking and if one leaves, a member of the same sex will replace them. The show had great critical acclaim in both the U.S. and Japan, where it was said to be far more real than most reality shows, and sometimes was called a reality show that will appeal to people who hate reality shows. But the idea is romances still spring up.
Kimura was focused on in an episode where all the cast members came to watch a Stardom show. She then explained what pro wrestling was to the other cast members afterwards. She talked about the struggles of working as a woman wrestler, misconceptions about women wrestlers and her struggles with balancing her unique job and real life.
There are no scripts, but producers do come up with storylines. The cast is not in the house full-time, but usually two or three days per week and when they are together, the producers tell the cast what they are looking for. They are told they want romances, but the cast members often come up with their own romances through real life as opposed to the romances being scripted. While this was not the case in the season she was on, but it came out in previous seasons that cast members would get a 50,000 yen ($466 U.S.) bonus for kissing scenes.
“I was told if I become famous or join Terrace House, receiving slander was unavoidable and it’s the tax of being a celebrity,” posted Ryo Tawatari, who was a cast member with Kimura, before leaving the show in February. “But is it really right? Honestly speaking, I receive lots of slander every day. Other members are in agony too.”
Emika Mizuokoshi, who was also on the show with Kimura, said she also received messages telling her to die.
“I was also slandered after joining Terrace House and was hurt,” said Mizuokoshi on Instagram. “But we are on TV, are all humans and have feelings. Words can be deadly weapons. We have to end this trend where you can say anything to so-called famous people.”
It was told to us from someone close to her that they knew the negative social media response was bothering Kimura and that in recent weeks it had gotten worse.
However, nobody had any sign her depression reached the level it did.
Kimura at first came across like a very nice young woman, similar to comments from foreign wrestlers who worked with her and said how sweet she was, how she loved to help them while they were in a foreign country and loved to practice her English with them. She could speak English very clearly, but only certain words and phrases and did not have a complete understanding of the language.
Bea Priestley from AEW, who lives in Japan most of the year with Will Ospreay, considered Kimura as one of her best friends.
Kimura expressed when she joined the show that she wanted people to learn to like women’s pro wrestling through her.
She said that she didn’t have much experience with boys growing up and had trouble expressing her real feelings for boys she had a crush on. That played out during her time on the show, a cute shyness but sometimes that inexperience manifested itself more negatively in front of the cameras.
At times she came across immature and complaining, and cried on the show. Some labeled her a crybaby. Instead of being able to be shown growing from that experience, the show stopped filming and that was the last the public saw of her, and the negative comments continued.
It seemed to be a cocktail of many things. The bullying from childhood leading to insecurity. Her wanting to become a mainstream star to make women’s wrestling popular again like it was more than 25 years earlier. A television show that emphasized her weaknesses on screen. Perhaps the pressures of knowing that she was chosen to be the person whose would the focal point of a company aggressively trying to bring back to glory days of the past under new ownership, and trying to live up to that status while perceiving she wasn’t coming across well on the television show.
And then COVID-19 came, shutting down both the filming of the television show and her work as a pro wrestler, where she got the positive reinforcement from the crowd constantly for her ability to shine as a performer in front of a live audience.
Late at night on the morning of 5/23 in Japan (5/22 in the U.S.), Kimura posted images of her arm that she had self-mutilated, which was covered by her ring costume when she had wrestled. She was there with her pet kitten, and basically did a farewell note on both Twitter and Instagram.
On twitter she wrote, “Nearly 100 frank opinions every day. I couldn't deny they hurt me. `Die,’ `You are disgusting,’ `You should disappear.’ I believed these things about myself more than they did. Thank you, Mother, for the gift of life. My whole life I wanted to be loved. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love you all. I'm sorry for being weak.”
On Instagram, she posted photos of her with her pet cat, whether directed at her cat or her friends was not clear, which said, “Good-bye. I love you, have fun and live a long time. I'm sorry.”
This drew a ton of immediate attention throughout the U.S. pro wrestling community with people obviously panicking and questioning what was going on. In Japan, where everyone was asleep, people in that community were not at first aware of it.
Kaori Housako (Kairi Sane) had either seen the posts herself or been alerted immediately. She called up Stardom founder and CEO Rossy Ogawa, and I believe Jungle Kyona. It was Kyona who rushed to the apartment that Kimura lived alone in, but it was too late.
Sponichi News in Japan reported that at around 4 a.m., which would be 3 p.m. on 5/22 Eastern time, some fire engines and an ambulance rushed into her apartment. Her death was believed to be a suicide due to the ingestion of hydrogen sulfide. The Koto Police Department’s Metropolitan department acknowledged a hydrogen sulfide fatality at 4 a.m., but further details were not released at the request of the family.
According to police sources in the Japanese media, Kimura was found on her bed with a plastic bag covering her head. A container of what was believed to have been hydrogen sulfide was found nearby. Several different suicide notes were found in the room.
There was a piece of paper attached to the door that read, “Toxic gas being generated,” according to Kyodo News.
There was another note addressed to her mother saying, “Thank you for giving birth to me.”
The news of her death hit the U.S. about nine hours later, as it was 12:10 a.m. Eastern time when Stardom reported, “We are very sorry to report that our Hana Kimura has passed away. Please be respectful and allow time for things to process, and keep your thoughts and prayers with her family and friends. We appreciate your support during this difficult time.”
The kitten, named Karage, which means fried chicken ball, because Kimura thought he looked like a fried chicken ball, was being taken care of in the Stardom wrestlers dormitory.
“For everyone who cheered, befriended and loved Hana, I am sorry I could not protect her,” wrote her mother, Kyoko Kimura. “I am sorry we now have this painful memory. If you are in pain, Hana will be in pain, too. Please keep the cheerful memory of Hana in your hearts.”
“She was a wonderful and gentle soul,” said New Japan Pro Wrestling in an official statement. “Our most heartfelt and deepest condolences go to her family, friends and fans at this time.”
This led to an immediate reaction in the U.S. pro wrestling community. Every promotion of any note, with the exception of WWE (although many of its talent did individually and Mauro Ranallo, because depression is a subject that hits very close to home with him, did mention her death on his own on NXT on 5/27 and pleaded for an end to cyber bullying) almost immediately expressed their sorrow. Although she had never worked for AEW, Excalibur gave a memorial speech on the company’s PPV show the next day, including hoping that this would a lesson for people to be nicer to each other. Her name was mentioned several more times during the broadcast.
“In 2016, I was on vacation in Japan and Rocky Romero put me in contact with Kyoko Kimura to go train while there,” said ROH performer Brody King. “She had me meet her at the train station outside of Tokyo to go to the Ice Ribbon dojo to train. That’s when I met Kyoko and her aspiring pro wrestler daughter, Hana.
“From the moment I met them, they treated me like I was family and not like an unknown Gaijin stranger. Hana was kind, friendly and you could tell how close she was with her mother. After a couple of training sessions I said goodbye to Hana, not knowing if our paths would ever cross again.
“Flash forward to 2019. I’m standing on the floor of Madison Square Garden staring at the empty arena taking it all in, when I hear a voice scream, `BRODY!’ I look to my left and a beautiful pink-haired Japanese girl ran up and hugged me. Once I was able to see her face, I realized it was Hana.
“That moment was surreal to me. Two people from different parts of the world hoping to make it are now standing together in the world’s most famous arena living our dreams. You were too good for this world, Hana. This one hurts.”
“I remember attending a Shin-kiba show in Stardom and hanging out backstage,” wrote Will Ospreay. “After the show, I was waiting around and watching a video on my phone. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I was watching, but Hana popped her head out and said, `Hey Ospreay, what are you watching.’
“She sat next to me and watched this video on my phone for like five minutes, and as it finished, she said, `I don’t understand.’ I laughed at looked at her and said, `Why did you stay then.’ She replied, `I wanna be with Ospreay.’
“The girl had no idea what was being said on the video but wanted to keep my company while I was on my own. We don’t speak the same language but she cared so much about everyone she met. Treasure the memories that bring a smile to your face. I love you so much Hana, you brightened up every day I saw you.”
The reaction was strongest among women performers across all promotions, some of whom knew her directly from competing in Japan, or when she came to the U.S. with ROH. All who followed the business knew of her. The nature of the death hit a cord in particular women performers in wrestling, who all at one time or another are harassed by fans on social media. Men are as well, but often with women it’s tougher because it’s such as cosmetic business for women still, and no matter what, nearly everyone gets harassed over their looks which can lead to all kinds of different reactions, usually not positive.
For others who knew her from working with her, it wasn’t so much the enragement about the issue of cyber bullying, but losing a close friend.
“Thanks you for teaching me Japanese, teaching me Japanese dances, always checking (if) I’m okay, for being my translator,” wrote Xia Brookside. “Most importantly, thank you for being there and making me laugh. It’s so hard to be away from home, but you made Japan feel like home.”
“Legit, my first day at Stardom, she was the most welcoming cause she had the best English out of the entire locker room,” wrote Session Moth Martina. “She loved talking to the gaijin’s to improve her English. I looked forward to seeing her every show. I’m truly heartbroken right now.”
“Famous people are people too,” Martina continued. “Everyone has feelings and they can all be hurt. People can have thick skin, but it’s only so thick before it penetrates. Be careful with your words, you have no idea how much words can hurt.”
“It absolutely breaks my heart how cruel people can be on social media,” wrote TNA champion Tessa Blanchard. “It was an amazing honor to know Hana Kimura. She was an amazing girl with the kindest soul and immense passion and work ethic. I'm at a loss of words over this tragedy. Rest In Peace my friend.”
“Distraught. I don't even know what to say or feel. Numb. I can't express it. RIP Hana Kimura,” said AEW wrestler Jamie Hayter. “Such a wonderful human being. The gaijin helper. All the potential. A beautiful soul. Kind. I just can't even put in to f***ing words how upsetting this is. I hope you found peace."
“My heart hurts so much right now, I just don’t want to believe it,” wrote Leyla Hirsch, who wrestled in Stardom earlier this year. “Hana was such an amazing, beautiful, kind, soul. When I first got to Stardom, it was Hana that made me feel welcomed. She was always upbeat and always willing to take care of us. She was a lot of fun to be around. Even though I never got to compete against Hana, I was so lucky to have been fighting by her side the whole time I spent in Japan. She was always patient with me, even when I couldn’t get the , `Yes, Sir.” (Chant)
In Japan, there was a different reaction, with it more geared toward the subject of Cyber bullying, where she became the immediate poster child so to speak for legislation that was talked about very quickly after her death.
In addition, “Terrace House,” canceled the remainder of this season and there is some question whether the show will ever return.
“We would like to express our sincere condolences for the death of Hana Kimura, who appeared on the program (Terrace House),” said a statement made by the Fuji TV Network. “We also deeply mourn the bereaved families. Regarding Terrace House: Tokyo: 2019-2020, we have decided to stop recording, broadcasting and distribution on FOD in the future. We take this issue very seriously and would like to continue to earnestly respond to it.”
Sanae Takaichi, Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications on 5/26 said he wanted to speed up government discussions around legislation regarding the issue of cyber bullying. In particular they were looking at whether Internet posts could be prosecuted for slander or defamation.
Takaichi said procedures are needed to disclose information on senders in order to curb online abuse and rescue victims. He said that the government plans to revise existing laws quickly to simplify procedures to identify individuals who make defamatory posts online. He is aiming for draft legislation before the end of this year.
Japanese law allows the victim of abusive posts to ask Internet service providers to disclose information on senders and permits damages to be leveled, but the law is considered weak and of little consequence in practice. Victims have to go through court proceedings to identify abusers which can take six months to a year, and includes very costly legal fees. Plus, service providers often claim not to have saved the records. It’s even more difficult when it’s Twitter, because it’s based outside of Japan and it’s almost impossible for Japanese police to investigate.
Yoshihide Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, expressed condolences to Kimura’s family and said, “It is important to improve literacy on the Internet so that users won’t use comments to hurt others with slander.”
Yukio Hatoyama, the former Prime Minister, expressed sympathies to Kimura and called for legal remedies against cowardly anonymous cyber bullies.
This follows a similar situation in South Korea after the suicide deaths of famous K-pop singers Sulli, on 10/14, at the age of 15, and Goo Hara, on 11/24, at the age of 18.
Even at her young age, before her suicide, Sulli had been outspoken about her own mental health issues that worsened due to what she called malicious online rumors and comments. She was co-hosting a show called “The Night of Hate Comments” and read out hateful messages about herself while trying to blow them off and laugh about them, but was public about her pain.
South Korean lawmakers began to draft legislation after her death. It led to some major South Korean online news platforms to limit reader comments on celebrity news.
After Kimura’s death, numerous people who had harassed her on social media began deleting their accounts, while media reports
Stardom received condolences from all walks of life in Japan, from politicians to business leaders major sports and entertainment celebrities, including Chicago Cubs star Yu Darvish (who is married to former multi-time world champion amateur wrestler Seiko Yamamoto, the sister of Kid and Miyuu).
Rossy Ogawa, the founder and head of Stardom, said they are, as a company, considering taking legal action against malicious cyber bullying.
But this also becomes a freedom of speech and freedom of expression issue.
“There are no words that could possibly heal this wound,” said Ronda Rousey, whose life has been filled with some of the most intense cyber bulling of anyone in the sports world over the last eight years, particularly in her early UFC days when so many desperately wanted to her fail as a fighter and as a drawing card, and later from her portrayal as a coach on a season of The Ultimate Fighter. “Cyber bullying is a very real and growing threat to us all as a society. Even a straw’s weight can be the one to break a camel’s back. I didn’t personally know Hana Kimura, but it’s still very painful to learn about what happened.”
But another close friend of hers, who did not want to talk for this article, said that even while well intentioned, they were not happy that people were using her death for their own purposes, and only interested in talking about her because she took her own life. Others echoed the same feeling, noting her death becoming the lightning rod for people talk about cyber bullying.
Stardom had been planning on taping empty arena matches this week, which would start airing on its streaming service on 5/29. Out of respect to her and the talent, the company is taking a period of mourning this week and is expected to start doing empty arena shows next week.
Kimura was always around pro wrestling growing up, attending her mother’s matches when they were in the Tokyo area. She trained at the Wrestle-1 school and made her official debut on March 30, 2016, for that promotion, shortly before her 19th birthday.
She won the JWP jr. title on September 18, 2016, defeating Yako Fujigasaki in a tournament final. She worked as a free agent in a number of different companies until signing with Stardom 14 months ago.
Her first match with Stardom was on September 22, 2016, on a major show at Korakuen Hall. She teamed with her mother and Kagetsu to beat Momo Watanabe & Jungle Kyona & Mayu Iwatani.
Her second match in Stardom saw the same threesome win the Artist of Stardom (trios) championship from Io Shirai & Kairi Hojo (Kairi Sane) & Iwatani at Shinkiba, the home base of the promotion, on the show’s main event.
She was injured in January and the titles were vacated.
She returned on January 22, 2017, for a show promoted by her mother, called “The Last Afro,” which was her mother’s retirement show. Kyoko Kimura, who remains around pro wrestling constantly because she has a food truck business and parks in front of the arenas at many of the Tokyo shows, was noted for her wild afro hairstyle. The show drew 1,028 fans to Korakuen Hall, a big number for a woman’s show at that point in time..
In the main event, Kyoko & Hana teamed with Isao in a losing effort against three legends of the business, Minoru Suzuki & Aja Kong & Meiko Satomura. But after the main event ended, Kyoko asked for one last match, against her daughter. In an emotional farewell, in a ceremonial passing of the generation torch, Hana pinned Kyoko in 4:01 to end her mother’s career.
While still green as a worker, because of the emotion from that scene and her family name, along with her look, Hana Kimura was an immediate star as a pro wrestler.
She was part of the Oedo Tai group in Stardom. She & Kagetsu won the Goddesses of Stardom (tag titles) over Kyona & Hiroyo Matsumoto on June 21, 2017, at the Galaxy Stars show. They held those titles until June 3, 2018 losing to Iwatani & Saki Kashima.
In 2018, she first worked overseas for ROH in the U.S. and Pro Wrestling Eve in the U.K. She split from Kagetsu and left Oedo Tai in an angle on September 24.
In April, 2019, she became the leader of a heel group called the Tokyo Cyber Squad. On May 16, 2019, she, Kyona & Konami won the Artist of Stardom trios titles over Iwatani & Kashima & Tam Nakano. They lost the titles back to the previous champions on June 23, 2019.
When Bushiroad purchased the promotion from Rossy Ogawa, the word from the top was to make Kimura and Giulia into the top stars. Kimura won the Five-Star Grand Prix tournament, beating Konami in the finals on 9/22 at Korakuen Hall. This set her up to challenge World of Stardom champion Priestley on 10/14 at Korakuen Hall, a match she lost in 21:47.
It was clear that she had made substantial improvements in the ring during 2019.
Bushiroad, in trying to expose the product and start what was going to be the main focused program for big events this year, teamed Giulia & Kimura against Iwatani & Arisa Hoshiki on New Japan’s 1/4 Tokyo Dome show in a dark opening match. While the show itself sold out with 40,008 paid and about 44,000 total in the building, it was early and it was likely closer to 35,000 when her match opened the show at 4 p.m. Still, it was a far cry from the type of audience she was used to. The crowd was polite, but not emotionally invested in the match. It was clear the audience knew her and considered her the biggest star of the four, some knowing her from pro wrestling, other fans who had no interest or knowledge of women’s wrestling knew her from Terrace House.
The angle was she and Giulia losing and splitting up to start their program.
They had opposed each other in tag matches, but had not gotten to the singles match when things shut down. Kimura’s last match was on Stardom’s last show, the one-night single-elimination Cinderella tournament on 3/24 at an empty Korakuen Hall. Kimura and Iwatani went to a no contest, eliminating them both, in each woman’s first tournament match.

Here's Rossy's tweet about the funeral
Here's Hana's mother, Kyoko Kimura's tweet requesting to stop the hate spiral
DDM members playing with Hana's cat -

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2020.05.29 16:48 shinomiyajundesu STORY TIME: How my young long-distance ex bf cheated on me w/ too many girls (+ from other countries) and left deep emotional scarring to these girls.

It's quarantine time and I figured why not tell a story about my terrible relationship. I'm sorry that this os probably going to be unnecessarily long. But enjoy the ride for those that care. TD;LR at the bottom.
This happened when I was about 16 (sophomore) and lasted for almost a year. Now, I am 18 (gonna be 19 in Sept) and much smarter. Big info that will matters ALOT in this story: I am a Muslim, and he "converted" into Islam from Catholicism without his family knowledge. I am Asian and he is White.
We lived in the midwest. I knew him from going to school together, he was a year older than me (junior). We got close and he asked me out, in which case, I said yes to. A couple months later, it was summer and he had to move to Colorado, following his parents.
It was fine, we agreed on continuing this relationship. But day by day, since the very beginning of his moving, he has gotten so much more distance than before (no text for days, left messages on read, hung up on me) w/ excuses such as work and family. Regardless, he worked 2-3 jobs at once and a very sociable dude, so to speak.
Fast forward, things have gotten south. I didn't notice it right away, perhaps, but for the next 6+ months, he only texted me and called me if he needed sext and nudes. I was extremely reluctant and guessed that this should be fine once in a while since this is an LDR (at this point, he's already 18 while I was still underaged). But it didn't stop. He started forcing me.
He was supposed to visit me on my prom day (May, 2019). I was obviously excited, but at this point, everytime we talk, leading up to that date, he ALWAYS brought up sex when we meet. I refused. Again and again and again. I believe in abstinence for religious and personal purposes and he knew this very well. He begs for it. I refused.
Prom day, I was excited in my cute red dress w/ my friends. I told them that he is coming in his maroon suit. Guess what? I had a high hope. He never showed up. Never even picked up all of calls. My friends felt extremely bad for me, I had a mental breakdown at the first half of our prom. But decided I need to have fun w/ my dear friends. I did. I partied hard. It was fun. We went to watch Endgame afterwards and got home at around 4am. It was a blast.
Of course, that didn't totally wipe out my mind off of him. He sent me vague messages such as "my mom is getting mad at me." I had no clue what that supposed to meant. I stopped spamming him.
The next day, he texted me back (I'm gonna paraphrase) with "I'm so sorry I couldn't make it, my mom was there and wasn't letting me go to see you. I was so depressed and was about to kill myself w/ my necktie because I didn't get to see you." I was weirded out. It was plain weird. Like what? I questioned it but nothing that he responded with makes any damn sense.
Now, I been knew that this relationship won't work out for quite a while now. But my little mind was so dumb to know how to break it off. Fast forward a tiny bit, someone DM'ed me on my insta. A girl. She claimed that she's (insert name)'s girlfriend. I was a bit dumbfounded but wasn't totally surprised. But here's a catch. She's in Canada, also a Muslim. A couple years older than me. She admitted that she been staking me. I have no clue how given that he posted absolutely nothing about me. So, I broke up w/ him right away. I asked him why he did such thing and he just replied with I don't know.
Everything that happened on prom day has EVERYTHING to do with her. Ohmaigawd here's where it gets crazy. She flew from Toronto to Colorado, against her parents, all by herself, her own saving, to see this dude that she knew only for about 3-4 months at this point. WHAT????!!! Yes, the day before my prom day. Yes, both of them drove all the way from Colorado to the midwest. It's well damn over 17-18 HOURS OF DRIVING. This is ridiculous. She was the one that prevented him to come to my prom and controlled him of leaving. And for that, I was extremely grateful.
I blocked him off of everything. I was smart then, because I know I respect myself more than anything. But for this Canadian girl, she was absolutely devastated and wanted to get back with him. Now, this didn't just end there. Smh. More girls reached out to me. They have been stalking me. WHAT? This one girl is from Indonesia. Goddamn Indonesia. A year younger than me. To make the situation worst, she bought a whole damn plane ticket from Indonesia all the way to Colorado with her parents' money. Absolutely insane. We talked for a bit and she was obviously wary of me at first. But after some talk, she's very unstable mentally. Self-harm, lack of support, people making fun of her now because he cheated on her. It was terrible. I offered to be a friend that she can talk to.
Oh, one detail that I left out with the Indonesian girl. She's also a Muslim. Seeing a pattern here? Yes, he been targeting only Muslim girls. How do I know this definitively? Someone contacted few girls from his school in Colorado and said that he tried to have something w/ most of the Muslim girls there. Using his charm as a white "convert" to trick these girls. It was horrendous. Upon asking for details from these girls, they all admitted that he was pushing for nudes and sex. Disgusting.
Few days later, because people at my school know about me and him, I decided to post something official online stating all of the bullshit he did. Man, the people at my school are the best. They were making memes about it throughout the school it was hilarious. They hate him as much as I do. It was very empowering, honestly. I'm pretty grateful for them.
Fast forward, I have a very loving and caring boyfriend now whom I love very much.
TD;LR: I was stupid and dated a disgusting dude that uses religion to get with girls. Pushing for nudes and sex. Causing mental damages to some of them. I broke up with him and posted his bs online and was empowered by it.
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2020.05.25 05:32 teddyio How I got into Brown as an international transfer, why I didn’t go and what I learned

Hey there, I’m a third year university student from Australia. Over two years ago now I set out on a U.S. college transfer journey. Now, I should flag right now that it’s been a year since my decisions, but I wrote the bulk of this content in June 2019 when I could remember all the little minutiae of what had happened. I sat on that writing for a bit because initially I thought that I would just write it for myself, for closure, to set my eyes on better things, I wasn’t sure exactly why. But I guess quarantine has made me reflect on life decisions - the what ifs and the how-did-I-get-here’s. After much consternation, I’ve decided to publish this here. My story is unique - I began as a complete outsider and fought hard to achieve something pretty improbable - so I think it’s probably interesting to at least someone out there. I think there’s also some universal truths embedded within the things I learned in retrospect. Anyway, this post is incredibly long, so I’ve left a TL;DR at the end if you want to read the blurb before you buy the whole book.
Ok so, I want to properly begin by saying that going to an elite US college was never my dream. I’m a middle class kid who went to high school in inner city Sydney. It was very uncommon at my high school (which was to be fair, an all-boys private school) to even apply in the US. In my memory, there were a small number of athletes, comprehensively supported by coaches and my school admin, who eventually made it to top US colleges after years of planning. As a senior, I was decidedly not athletic (definitely got a 5 or 6 from Harvard on that criteria!). I was also over a year younger than most of my cohort. 16 year old me had no interest in international study (even despite my full IB diploma) — my goal was a combined medicine program at home. I ended up one diploma point off the perfect 45 needed for the medical program. Foolishly, I didn’t game out a proper plan B and ended up enrolling in medical science undergrad at USyd.
When I first enrolled as a freshman, I felt alone and adrift. I was in a cookie-cutter degree. My best friend had moved to across the world for uni, other close friends were still in Australia but at different universities. My only friend carrying over to my new university life was my ex-boyfriend (yes, for all interested, being gay in an all-boys private school is absolutely a write-home experience) who I was, fortunately, on good terms with. Over the first part of the year I gradually made new friends, and luckily a few great ones that I’ll still cherish for a long time. Academically I was doing pretty well - high distinctions and distinctions (Australian As and A+’s) - but I still felt totally uninspired. I missed the liberal arts education of IB and felt suffocated by the careerist culture in my degree. I wanted academic change but I wasn’t sure in what form.
One afternoon, I was speaking to an IB pen pal who was studying in the USA; he talked about his big plan to transfer to Princeton and that drove me to think if that might also be the best thing for me. Initially the list of requirements seemed dizzying, but I told myself, if I really wanted to, I could put this together in a year. Somehow I ended up on Harvard and Yale’s transfer admission pages, exploring for hours. To me all these universities were places Rory wanted to go in Gilmore Girls (sorry if that reference outs me too much) and so not yet shrouded in the “HYPSM” elitism and prestige with which I came to understand it eventually. Don’t eat me for dreaming of Harvard and Yale though, your media has permeated deep into our psyche in the Southern Hemisphere. Although I was interested, I decided it was all too hard.
Over the coming days, something kept drawing me back, forcing me to keep thinking about it. There were multiple advantages: these schools had a liberal arts vision, a major suited to my interests and it was a blissful 16000 kilometres from the disappointments, complications and complacent familiarity of my life in Sydney. Maybe it was worth the time. So in late May, I decided to set out on a year long process - sitting tests, writing essays, meeting with administration to organise documents and asking professors for their recommendations. I told people gradually and most people were confused why I’d even bother but were also very supportive. “You do you!”
The first hurdle was standardised testing. I’d missed that bus in high school and had a poor grasp of the commitment it would require. After some thinking, I resolved to sit the ACT in late October. I spent three months studying casually and felt pretty confident. My first practice test chugged out a reasonable 33/36 composite, so my end goal became 35. Unlike many of the high school juniors on the ACT forums, I didn’t have the advising and support networks that seemed to demystify the process. I don’t know what kept me motivated to keep slogging through all those menial rules, but ultimately I whipped myself into shape. A few days out from the test, hitting high 34s and low 35s consistently, I got my first 36 composite and thought, awesome. I got this. As I turned up to the city test centre that morning, I felt completely ridiculous. What was I doing this for? I didn’t really know but I thought it was worth seeing it to the end. So I got to my computer and cranked out my best effort. I knew reading went poorly but I had the maths section of my life. I got my result a few days later: 35. Not bad!
Next stop SAT 2 (btw Harvard this is a stupid transfer requirement and I hate you for making me do this) in December. I ended up studying a lot less than I should have for these because of university finals. For some reason I chose to take chemistry, my weakest IB score, and English literature. I turned up to the testing centre on Saturday morning with 2 hours of sleep under my belt. There were many more people there - two or three hundred at least. Families were bringing their nervous and eager kids to the centre and were cheering them as they walked in. I was alone, trying to avoid eye contact with students 2 or 3 years my junior I knew in my capacity as a debate coach and tutor. Subconsciously, I felt embarrassed. Here I was, sleep-deprived and with a full year of university under my belt, indulging a random whim I should have thought about in high school. Feeling dogged but determined to follow through, I somehow managed to push through two hours of testing.
The very next day I was flying to NYC for an unrelated family holiday. I planned to visit five of the colleges in the surrounding regions. As I did the rounds to each college, it was almost like a pilgrimage, to these places that I’d only known in the abstract as “where I might apply in March”. I decided to forgo Amherst and Columbia and focus on the 3 I’d had the strongest reaction to: Brown, Harvard and Yale. While in the US I got my university results which were pretty solid (4.0 for you Americans) and also my SAT2s. Somehow I’d netted an 800 in Chemistry and a 730 in Literature.
With my academic results sealed, I turned to recommendation letters and other misc admin. It was strange to ask for recommendations because USyd is a massive public university and classes routinely include thousands of students. It took me months of contact but eventually I felt I had one very strong and two reasonable letters, the best I could have done. After a long battle over emails with student admin, they finally sent my transcripts and college report to my respective colleges. The biggest uphill battle in all of this was that Australian educational infrastructure is not built to accomodate those who want to go the US. I mean duh, but still it made me want to tear my hair out!
By February, being the anxious and obsessive person that I am, I had read a lot about the transfer process. I knew essays were the true unknown and the biggest differentiator in US college admissions. I consider myself a good writer, I got a 7 in IB HL Lit and an A in my major work which was on lit. The college essays, I thought, were just another hurdle. The supplements were so long and required a level of saccharine introspection that bothered me to no end. I wasn’t sure what to write and had no ‘admissions counselor’ to discriminate good essays from bad essays. I had my trusty Indonesian friend and my parents to review. I submitted what I thought was honest and strategic about my academic motivation. To this day, I have no idea if they were good. To be frank, I almost don’t care.
Finally, after almost a year, March 1st 2019 came along. In what was perhaps an act of simultaneous hubris and futile hope, I submitted a complete application for Harvard, Yale and Brown. In the two month break before decisions, the curtains opened on my second year of university in Sydney. I also happened to take the Australian medical schools admission test, GAMSAT, that I’d spent a year working towards in the background of all this US business. After I finished GAMSAT in mid March, I tried to throw myself, unconvincingly, into friends and classes. I think I always knew consciously and subconsciously that I was holding myself back from letting myself be really vulnerable because I could be leaving for the US at a moment’s notice. In retrospect, that’s the reason I decided not to try my luck again.
Soon enough, my early May reckoning came around.
May 3rd, 4am: Brown. Accepted. It was a big shock. It was, funnily enough, also totally unaffordable. I sent an FA appeal that I knew was futile.
May 4th, 7am, theorised Harvard decision. This one I totally anticipated, there was all the precedent but it didn’t come. The anger of it all!
May 7th, 7am, actual Harvard decision. A total blindside. I had begun refreshing the Harvard portal every morning at 7am just for posterity sake. It was a Tuesday morning, mostly I thought it wouldn’t come out but I had to check just in case, right? Sure enough though, there it was. A status update. Rejected. I was upset, moped with fried chicken and alcohol and was over it soon enough. It didn’t suck nearly as much as I’d have expected. I still had Yale right?
May 10th, 4:15pm, GAMSAT results. *storytime* Let me set the scene for this one. Like transfer decisions, entire forums exist to predict GAMSAT results release and I was active on these too. Everyone thought GAMSAT was coming out on May 17 and so did I. I was on a bus to university a week before this anticipated date, panicking because I’d forgotten some images for a report due that night. My friend stopped texting me in the middle of a conversation we were having about food (banal I know, no judgment). 3 minutes later he responded: “GAMSAT is out. I’m dying.” I couldn’t open it on the bus because I forgot my password. I also didn’t want my morning bus to be the site of an unsavoury memory, I had to get on it every day!!! An agonising 15 minutes later, I’m panic calling with this same friend, arriving at university and b-lining it to the first park bench I can find. I open it: a 98th-99th percentile score, a virtual golden ticket to medical school admissions (or at least an interview).
May 11th, 7am, Yale decision. A rejection. I expected it after Harvard but it still hurt to see it truly come to fruition. With that it was curtains on my May days-from-hell. Time to plan and digest what had just happened.
Two for four. Or one and a half for four (financial aid!!!)? A thoroughly mixed set of outcomes nevertheless. I was pretty upset at the time but I have a different perspective a year on.
What I achieved in 2019 was one of my greatest personal achievements - I got into an Ivy League college against the truly stupendous odds for an international student. I did it off the back of pure ambition and resilience; it’s something I’ve carried with me through adversity ever since. I also managed to secure a great chance at postgraduate medical school, which I am now (2020) applying for to start in 2021. I couldn’t afford Brown, so I continued with my degree at home; the year spent attempting transfer a futile but important experience in the tapestry of my life.
Lots of things have happened in the last year. Initially I fully launched myself into my life, planning enrichment courses, working on friendships, changing degree structures a bit. I came to appreciate some of the little things about my own home university - the odd way Fisher Library smells, the anxiety and camaraderie of USYD Rants, the way the winter sunset lights up the sandstone in the quad. That ex-boyfriend? He became my boyfriend (again) and then ex-boyfriend (again again, don’t we love a bit of gay drama) after my US plans were put to rest. Since August 2019, I’ve lost more than 60 pounds, dyed my hair, made and sadly lost some friends and got an Amgen summer scholarship. I threw myself into all the messy and unsavoury, but ultimately fulfilling aspects of unvarnished adult life.
So… this isn’t a neat story. What do I hope people learn though if they eventually slogged through this self-indulgent narration?
First of all, trying to transfer to an elite college is really not all its cracked up to be. I’ll come to regret the moments that I didn’t seize because of my “grand plan”. I won’t miss the isolation it brought on and I will miss the people and experiences that I passed up on or simply denied myself because I felt that it would not fit in with my plan. *Don’t transfer for escapism* is a good mantra.
Secondly, outcomes aren’t everything. On an outcomes level, my life would be no different if I had never decided to throw my hat into the transfer ring. But at the risk of sounding likely a Hallmark Christmas card, the JoUrNEy is just as valuable. I learnt things about myself intentionally through the forced introspection of writing essays but what was perhaps most valuable was the unintentional realisations - I’m working myself too hard at academics to enjoy it, people matter more than achievements among many more. Try to enjoy the ride rather than the destination a bit more guys. Again, a total cliché.
Finally, the US college transfer system will dehumanise you and spit you out if you let it. Allowing yourself to be validated by institutions is a recipe for pain. Honestly, it breaks my heart a little to read posts on forums like these. As ambitious teenagers we are, in the main, incredibly harsh on ourselves. As I approach the ripe-old age of 20, I am still working on unlearning the toxic psychological distortions I inflicted on myself because I failed to achieve my almost masochistically hard goals of getting an IB 45/45 or getting into Harvard as an international transfer. I’m not telling you not to care. Please do care. But take some time to check in with yourself - most of you here are wonderful, intelligent people with many things to be grateful for outside of your achievements. You might be unconsciously dehumanising yourself with neglect - for me, it was letting my weight balloon out of hand, for some its personal hygiene and for others its a moribund social life. Often it’s a combination of many things that you don’t realise until a lot of damage has been done. Please learn from my mistakes, I plead with you all.
Good luck all of you, wherever you are in your process.
TL;DR: Alone, I went from knowing nothing to knowing many things about US colleges in my first year of university in Australia. I was admitted at Brown but couldn’t afford the cost. I was rejected by Yale and Harvard. In the meantime, I had major successes in my academics at home and came to appreciate my life a lot more. I later realised transferring cost me the opportunity to be vulnerable with people and caused me to dehumanise myself in various ways.
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2020.05.25 01:17 FaustianRubix RE: Conversations from my inbox. Garbotalk suggests dangerous COVID advice because "Reptiliandude told her so."

You can find the clusterfuck here:
Unsurprisingly, it is Garble Garbo at her usual brand of stupid. But while most of it is stuff I already have covered and don't feel like rehashing yet again. (And we all know I look forward to another visit from Soulja apparently covering for RD now to justify his own shit..) I have been dealing with Coronavirus myself, day 31 now. It kind of pisses me off that RD and Garbo both take advantage of a pandemic to try and rope people in through more fear-mongering. (Amazingly, Soulja is silent about this, preferring to be an ass through multiple alts because his ego was scratched. Amazing, the priorities of that one.)
So, Day 31 with this and I've been living it, due to my roomies not taking it seriously and treating it like it's a joke. As a result, they brought it in, and I caught it. Not fun. Not fun at all.
Moving along. The first thing we can tell from most of these is that it is Garbo effectively fanfictioning. Look at her writing style and you can tell much of this is her, just talking to herself. And yes, we know by now that they use alts, which in typical inconsistent fashion they later claimed they didn't. But some of these just show a level of mental issues that really needs pointing out, and then there's stuff with Coronavirus that needs to be addressed to. There really is no excuse to fall for this shit at this point, especially after the amount of freakouts and so on.
For starters, just to briefly touch a few things: 1) The Kayeen do not exist. They are a ripoff of the aliens from the movie Jupiter Rising, and a badly plagiarized version. Given what was stated about their tech and behaviors, they would be more ineffective than a political session in Congress. Given the so called genetic details, they would have died many, many times over centuries ago. 2) RD is prone to little freakouts whenever he doesn't get his way or gets challenged in a way that he can't handle or worm his way out of. He is a case study of Narcissist Personality Disorder, and before you go waving the armchair psychology shit...I had two narc parents, and I recommend the book "Prepare to Be Tortured: The price you pay for dating a narcissist." A lot of the interactions RD and Soulja pull can be found in that book, including the snide, childish remarks. There are survivors forums full of people that compare notes and the same behaviors..including projecting their BS on people that call them out. 3) The Naigaje as they are called also do not exist. Garbo has tried to make it seem like they exist across social media, only to fail more and more outlandishly each time. Their civilization would have been wiped out, their customs don't make sense, and they don't seem to understand their own tech as their claimed starships. 4) RD's last freakout outright stated the real audit was to see how much they could lie to us and get away with it. Which is not only characteristic of a narcissist, who will frequently test what they can do and get away with...but spells out in no uncertain terms that everything he says has been a lie. Garbo knows this, but she enjoys the attention. She knows and is in on it, but she's pretty well been discarded since given the last few posts.

level 1garbotalk1 point·7 hours ago
Q. Where is Reptiliandude? Do you still communicate with him? Will he be back here?
A. RD is busy sharing this information with people of other languages in other lands. I still talk to him very often, though not every day as before. He is Quetzlecoatl to the Latinos, Dragon to the Chinese, Garuda to the Indonesian, and so on. If English speaking people won't answer the beacon, perhaps those from another place will.
It is too important for humanity to answer the beacon before it is too late for us. As cantankerous and confrontational as RD can be in trying to motivate us, his methods are effective at waking people up. If the U.S. won't lead humanity to the next step in our evolution, maybe the Chinese will. Whoever answers the beacon becomes the defacto representatives for humanity to the Assembly. While I would like it to be my own nation, it is more important to learn to speak in real time quickly, whoever is willing to do it first.
Give AwardShareReportSave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay. So. First off, huge cult markers here. "Oh, I'm not trying to start a cult!" Now we have "He's a god here and here and here.." This is a manipulator's tactics trying to get the reader to see them as a deity figure with important knowledge. It is a cult manipulation tactic. In this case, Garbo pulls things like this to get in his favor. Why? He discarded her like the cheap trash she is.

Especially if you pay attention to his last few admonishments. When did he poof off? After he had made threats that all his stuff would disappear and someone pointed out that the wayback archives will simply pop up the post so his threats were hot air and bullshit. So the huffy little child had a narcissist fit and poofed other than the occasional pop up to make more vague bullshit. Oh, and I love that after Garbo's whole thing with Hong Kong..and now the Coronavirus...that suddenly "maybe China will be the next defacto representative of humanity!' At that point, how is Garbo not a freaking joke to her own community? Inconsistency after inconsistency, all they do is normalize an abusive relationship.

level 1garbotalk1 point·3 hours ago
Q. Are the Kayeen the same type of aliens as alot of people refer to as the Pleiadians?
A. Yes, but they are not actually Pleiadians. That is a lie. The Kayeen hide their home planet. They have many planets that they've taken over. They pretend to seek peace and encourage us to give up our weapons, but that is a ruse. They don't want resistance and seek to disarm us, then overwrite us en mass.
Give AwardShareReportSave
So, first we are to believe that the Kayeen have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the world and basically run it. Now they want to disarm and overwrite...what they would according to Garbo already control because reasons and economy that not only can they not explain, but have refused to in any sort of way that makes sense.
Never ask them to prove anything or you are suddenly a hater, troll, or evil alien Kayeen employee. Anyone is a Kayeen or evil alien employee simply because Garbo said so..and said that RD confirmed it. If you actually read the bullshit she posts in past posts it boils down to "I can tell you this person is a Kayeen and RD confirmed it!!" Just that. No real evidence or proof to ever back up these claims, and the person is usually a high profile figure. Garbo and RD are just that lazy.

And of course, they try to hijack Pleiadians into their narrative. Pleiadians was nothing more than a bullshit narrative conjured up in the alien doomsday/new age cults of the 60s and 70s, and briefly near the early 2000s to fit in with the Indigo Child/Starseed new age cult movement which wound up pretty much the same as its predecessors. See point 1 above. Point 4 will probably apply to every post and comment that Garbo makes without fail.

garbotalk1 point·3 hours ago
Q. How close do you think we are to using particle entanglement to speak?
A. Pretty close. That's why they're beginning to panic and push their agenda as quickly as possible. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Okay, in a prior post, if they wanted to really fuck things up, all these evil aliens would have to do is have their own representative make the connection and then hand over sovereignty. You know, kind of like Hong Kong is doing right now with China...which Garbo still doesn't mention but can't make up her mind whether or not China is someone they hate or support. (With RD supporting and being fond of China quite a bit on numerous post occasions. He loves to sing their praises, making their whole thing with China one more to the list of inconsistencies.)
To add to that, their version of quantum entanglement doesn't make any sense, has been picked apart by actual scientists that commented before being accused of being evil aliens or traitors to humanity..and comes from people that not only heavily use mind-altering drugs but suggest that their fellows do the same. The same mind-altering drugs that can make people more susceptible to manipulation by others.

level 1garbotalk1 point·14 hours ago
Q. Does that mean dark powers will have complete jurisdiction over humanity and the affairs of Earth until God intervenes again?
A. Complete? No. We are an unruly bunch who are unpredictable and multiply quickly. We are DIFFICULT to manage. They would prefer a centralized authority beholden to them who they could direct to do their bidding. That's what the "New World Order" was supposed to be all about. Instead, they have many nations doing their own thing with leaders who die or are voted out/overthrown pretty often.
Even the "good" aliens who are trying to help us struggle to inspire us. We refuse to believe they are benevolent, as we accuse them of killing babies for pleasure, or we hold our hands out for free technology, or we beg them to save us while refusing to save ourselves.
Nobody knows what will happen, and if anyone says they know for sure, they are lying to you. Only God knows how this will play out because time is irrelevant to Him.
What I can tell you is the plans I have heard about, their Consortium intentions. How we respond will determine how successful they are. So far, their conditioning us using propaganda, spreading contagions to cull us and hiring sociopaths to do their bidding while ruling over us is working out for them. We need to resist!
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 2BornAgainLookout1 point·11 hours ago
Thank you for this information . May I ask where does the rapture or "in a moment, twinkling of the eye" comes in?
Give AwardShareReportSavelevel 3garbotalk1 point·7 hours ago·edited 7 hours ago
There is not going to be a rapture of the chosen away from the pain of tribulation, unfortunately. This is something the Christian community has been misled about. While there will be two men on a hill, the one taken will be the one punished for taking the mark and swept away, not the one who was righteous. The changes to us we receive will happen after all the pain of this Earth is over and done with, after the tribulation, after the war, and after the return of the Savior. We who remained steadfast, the chosen, will be rewarded.
Give AwardShareReportSave
So, suddenly Garbo is trying to rewrite Christian doctrine to suit her own devices again. In the past, she tried to claim the demonic locusts of Revelations were actually the good guys, on our side, and volunteered despite the passage claiming they are given power to torment and harm, etc.
You know, despite it saying in no uncertain terms they are not good beings. Of course, she also tried to appropriate the story of Achilles into her BS as well. Ah, the stupid it burns. But going on a bit further, also bear in mind that she claims God is a space alien Assembly which when you break down everything they've about as vile as they come and also in no way any kind of the good guys. But according to her, they'll come in and take away all our pain, heal all of our woes and make online shopping amazing but only if you sing their praises first. (I added that last one for flavor to give you an idea of hello, this is a marketing pitch for bullshit.)
Remember every story and movie about what happens when a "benevolent force" offers and claims the same? I do, because it's pretty much the precursor period for most intelligent alien invasion movies where a resistance has to fight back. Of course, back to point 1 where plagiarism is kind of their thing anyway, and like most narcs, they're shameless about it. Everything from their personality to the crap that comes out of their mouth is just more bullshit, marketed to rope you in for attention or some form of gain later.
Keep in mind also that in past conversations with supposedly alien accounts on Reddit (which, of course are poorly written alt accounts themselves), one minute she is kissing their asses, the next minute she is telling them off for being just as bad. Now here she is sucking up again. Inconsistency, thy name is u/garbotalk ...

level 1garbotalk3 points·15 hours ago·edited 13 minutes ago
Q. What is the significance of the Genesis creation story? Does it only apply to our planet?
A. God loves all of His children, wherever they live in His universe. At some point in development, they learn to recognize their own reflection, then learn to communicate. It is at this point that God reveals Himself and the story of these beings begins.
The creation story for every civilization has similar beginnings. God separated light from darkness and the waters from the land. He created the heavens and the plants and animals. Then He created the sentient beings who were given dominion over that world. A tree with fruit bearing the knowledge of good and evil is in the center of a garden.
What changes is the reactions of the male and female to their temptation, for how can there be free will without choices between good and evil?
On Earth, Eve is tempted by a serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit, so she does so and shares it with Adam who also chooses to eat it.
The Devorah obediently refused to taste the fruit, but picked it and offered it to the other animals in the garden who became wise. These other animals begged God to let the Devorah eat it too, and so He relented, because of their obedience and generosity.
The Ba'alaket didn't like being tempted by a monkey in a tree they couldn't eat from, so they tried to kill the tree! God had to stop them.
The Naigaje male named the animals, and the female named the plants. She learned to use the plants for foods and medicine, and experimented on her husband! They were tempted to eat of the tree by a monkey too.
I don't know all the details of these stories from other worlds, but I know these aliens cherish them as we do. They reveal in metaphor the traits of these beings and point to a loving Father who provides, even for those who are imperfect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Oh here we go again. Garbo is no stranger to trying to rewrite Christian doctrine. It's also no stranger to people trying to establish cults loving to twist Christian religion. I don't know what it is about Christianity that cult leaders love to use and pervert their stuff..but here we are again. Now with Genesis and the Garden of Eden. Not surprisingly, this also reads like more fanfiction.
And what a surprise, it involves each "species" with their own separate fanfiction, each in their own what if scenarios. Oh, and God loves all of HIS children, but god is an Assembly that requires very unusual things to occur before they can actually communicate and recognize that you have sentient expression, thus reducing you to less than herd animal or ground moss levels.

Remember what I said about contradictions? Yeah, there's a lot of them. And this is just one post!

Q. Wow that sounds so intriguing. When you say that they are able to influence thought and manipulate memories, were you aware that they were doing this to you before or during your encounters with them? And if so (or not), are you aware of any means to detect or resist such influence?
As someone who has been interested in other intelligent life for as long as I can remember, I feel as if asking you about some of your experiences is a valuable resource in an effort to develop better understanding about the other intelligent inhabitants of our universe.
Also, as an aside, do you feel as if your contact has offered you any protection from malicious intent on behalf of those you have met? Or would that be the wrong phrasing? If the emergent behaviors among our own are any reference for how other intelligent species may conduct themselves, the empathy of individuals do not always seem constrained by the rigor of the institutions they represent. Was there ever an air of hostility in your interactions, or were they mutual, if not benevolent meetings?
A. I have had very vivid, specific dreams with information given to me by specific aliens. I'd run them by RD, and he'd confirm which were intentional. We speak often, sometimes daily. I have described several of them on the Reptiliandude forum. RD made me delete ones that would get me in trouble.
The Ba'alaket think I'm weak and want me to be more careful. They call me a name that means " bubble over thorns". The Kayeen bribe or intimidate. The Devorah inspire. The Naigaje guard me.
I have been chased by Siriv and they've interceded. RD has diplomatic immunity for his efforts here, as do I, apparently, but the Kayeen are devious and send their Siriv at times.
The Ba'alaket trick or treated appearing as teen girls to get near me, but didn't speak, nor act like any teens I know. They've knocked on tables when I was at dinner, but were invisible. They've warned me of danger approaching. They've paid for meals at dinner with my family many times.
With their tech, they can look like anyone or anything, or be invisible. Sometimes they'll let down their defenses so I see a shimmer and a bit of them, but not often.
One time a Naigaje approached me when I was about to enter a restaurant. He looked like a tall man. I was singing with the music playing and he sang with me. We chatted briefly about our love of Lionel Richie and Billy Joel and I went in. I had no idea who he was. My husband approached after parking the car and saw the exchange. He said the man jumped over the hedge in one leap and disappeared in the bushes. RD later confirmed it was a Naigaje.
One time RD told me the Ba'alaket were gorgeous. Then I drove to Chick fil A. The teen girl at the window called me gorgeous three times. It was odd. Hello gorgeous. What do you want gorgeous. Here's your change, gorgeous. I left shivering. Asked RD, and he said the Ba'alaket wanted to show me what they could do. They picked out of my head where I wanted to go. Went through the dimensions to beat me there. Influenced this teen to call me gorgeous over and over. It was a playful reveal.
I know this stuff sounds strange, which is why I don't post about it much. But that and many more things have happened to me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last one. And wow..what a doozy this one is. This is a lesson in what to look for when people are drunk off their own bullshit and hyping themselves up to believe something.
First, she would have dreams with specific information, which she would immediately run by a narcissistic predator. They became "true" because he verified them as "true." No other reasoning. RD said so, so this became the new reality. This is a pattern of behavior that has been present in everything Garbo has ever said, and every post ever made. "Well, RD said.." ...and in the case of the other little cultists flocking to their stupidity..."Well, RD and Garbo said.." Same bullshit.
Then they speak daily, and RD made her delete ones which would seem problematic. Mind you, not problematic for her because he has never once cared when she makes herself look like an ass. He only ever cares when it makes him look bad, then forces her to delete it (or as evidenced by prior posts goes in and deletes it himself. Sometimes he blames this on other aliens, but its always him.) A narcissist maintaining and enforcing control over a subject he is abusing. This will be frequent during the course of any kind of relationship whether it is romantic, just friends, or even just acquaintances. The irony here is that while they like to act like the one who loses control first engaging in this behavior...they have already lost. Being insecure as they are, they have to childishly lash out in the hopes that no one else figures it out. If it is figured out, they have to punish anyone deemed responsible whether they are for you or against. They have to tantrum about how you "don't know what you're talking about"...Narcs can't handle being caught, and they always need a large audience to hide behind and kiss their ass. They're cowards by nature and trade, and without a large following...they are and will always be nothing. (Without you, the abuser cannot abuse.)

Keep this in mind. Narcs are incapable of friendship or loving anyone. Even if you are on their "side", you're not. It's only a matter of time, and how bad the blow out will be...and if you see how they treat others they have any amount of disdain for eventually that will be you with ZERO exceptions whatsoever.
But back to the topic at hand, we look and suddenly a strange man is now an alien because RD said so. RD said aliens were gorgeous, and now certain women had to be dimension-hopping aliens..and wait...influencing a teen to call her gorgeous over and over again. (Uh-huh. That seems to insinuate something else there, Garbo.) Now it's "aliens made them do it"...which is another usual in Garbo's posts..which are also laden with really odd sexual leanings and obsessions on her part. O-kay then. (And they just so happen to be trying to get your 'attention' by popping up as teen girls calling you gorgeous...frequently? Really? This sounds like an FBI investigation or Chris Hansen special waiting to happen...I don't think Garbo is bright enough to realize what she is revealing about herself here. o_o )
So suddenly she's hyped up on her own bullshit and now someone calling her gorgeous is part of an alien conspiracy because some rando on the internet told her so. IF ANYONE told you this went down, I would hope you would tell them to get the fuck away from the dude pulling this, because there's no part of that that isn't shifty or cultish or just fucked up. What's even more fucked up is that she bought into it and is truly a deluded nutcase hook, line and sinker.
Garbo is a fraud and a lunatic that sees aliens wherever she goes because she was wrapped around the finger of a Narcissist fraud with abusive tendencies. This was then projected over a couple of years onto their "community" to further RD's control and the amount of people he could sucker. It was all for the sake of a power trip and attention.
They always tell you what they are, and what they are about. Do not be fooled.

OH, wait. I forgot one. There's one on covid stuff.

level 1garbotalk1 point·6 hours ago
Q. Hey Garbo, was just wondering if you have any insight into what the human diet is supposed to be? I've read things that high carb diets amplify the coronavirus. I can't imagine that is coincidence since sugar and carbs are promoted to us daily. Any insight on that?
A. RD suggested that fasting would help our bodies to prepare to fight the virus. He also pushed meats, veggies, fruits, less breads.
Give AwardShareReportSave ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OKAY. THIS IS BULLSHIT. DO NOT FAST. I repeat: DO NOT FAST DO NOT FAST DO NOT FAST DO NOT FAST.
That is DANGEROUS advice that will worsen your chances if you don't have it, and make things VERY bad for you if you do have it. This thing mentally and physically beats you up. I know because again, hello at day 31 of this fucking thing. There are people I know on day 73 onwards. That is BULLSHIT. This is the shit that pisses me off. Taking advantage of people's fears is one thing, promoting dangerous bullshit advice that could worsen things for them is very, very much another. (And it's also why I decided to post all of this, in case you happen to be curious.)
There are resources online and Reddit, some of them actually from people with COVID sharing their diets, routines, and so on. THOSE are INFINITELY more credible than ANY bullshit that comes off the InsurrectionEarth forums, or from the posts of those that frequently kiss Garbo and RD's ass.
From PERSONAL experience: Meditating breathing exercises for the shortness of breath. (Appropriate acronym SOB, that..) ...Vitamins A, B12, C, D, and in moderate doses potassium. Throw in some salmon for Omega 3 and magnesium as Potassium if overdone can sap and create a magnesium deficiency. Breads and high carbs mean very little to this just simply mutates and adapts way too damn fast. (One minute you will feel fine, the next it hits like a mack truck. Some had it lull for a week or a month then come back full force. Others with similar symptoms to mine have worsened in 6 - 12 hours, and a couple have even died.) Lay off junk food and sweets, except for dark chocolate which is surprisingly helpful. If you have the urge for sweets...go with a smoothie. You'll be glad you did.
On the note of activity, muscle pain is a real bastard. You have no idea. At some points it will hurt to even move..or moving around a bit too much can make you black out. Try small movements, but you absolutely have to rest and take it easy. A jogger with covid compared this to a cellular car crash..and he's right. These things will not cure the virus or prevent it. But they will help up your chances with it in the event you get it, or the chances that your body can fight it off before it sticks. People that I know and have spoken with have had a much easier time with the above. DO NOT FOLLOW GARBO OR RD's ADVICE. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU, JUST THE POWER TRIP YOU PROVIDE DEFENDING OR BUYING INTO THEIR BULLSHIT.
Oh, and a special fuck you to the idiots that act like its no worse than the flu. The flu doesn't cause blood clots or strokes or hit kids like it has. It isn't nearly like this. It might be surviveable, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't put you through a lot of hell. It hits like siege warfare on your mind and your body.
On that note, it is ALSO not the fault of evil space aliens. Fucked up humans did fucked up things, and fucked up humans then did more fucked up things that allowed it to get way more out of hand then it has ever needed to be.
Okay, NOW I'm done. I had to get it off my chest like this godawful cough. I hope, whoever and wherever you are, that you stay safe and you and your families COVID free. For me, its back to higher priorities and hopefully kicking this thing to the curb.
If you read this at any point and you follow Reptiliandude, Garbotalk, or any of their bullshit, I seriously and strongly suggest you wake the hell up and get your head out of your ass. Do not promote or support abusive relationships. Do not excuse them..the excuse you make for the abuser today is the one they're making to justify them abusing you tomorrow. Remember that. There are no exceptions.
For further reading, I also recommend: Healing the Children of Narcissists (Essays on the Invisible War Zone.) by Shahida Arabi. People that have gone through it, and ways to get past it. You'll note a lot of the same behaviors listed there are present from the Narcs I have spoken about prior and in this post. Research it. Study up, and never allow or fall for it again.
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2020.05.04 06:32 gaywhisperer Why I call my funny Indonesian coworker “Come Hell or High Waters” Part 1

So I live in Tokyo, and I work as a receptionist. Last year, all of the restaurants, and stores were closed because there was a super typhoon. Dubbed as the “biggest/strongest typhoon of the century” so everyone were panic buying. I decided to go to work because they offered us to stay for free, and I’d like to relax and earn money so after school, i went home showered, packed my things, brought food and went straight to the hotel. In the morning, it was starting to rain, but still okay my Indonesian coworker arrived. She was soaking wet. Then the strong winds came, and it began pouring. There were announcements! And the foreign guests were scared and were asking me what the announcements were, and were scared of a tsunami. “It’s just a typhoon, not an earthquake madame.” I told one of the guests. Why there were a dumb german couple that were in their 50’s that asked me where to go during that time. I told the elderly daredevils, “It’s the strongest typhoon of the century, everything is closed, we strongly advise you to stay in the premises of the hotel.” They insisted and got mad and demanded me to tell them where to go, and I said, “everything is closed, i’m sorry, it’s a natural phenomenon, it’s not our fault, there’s nothing we can do about it.” Lol the irate german guests left. We were then told that the subway and the train would stop, and so the Indonesian coworker got scared and asked to leave early. We urged her to stay, but she was so itchy so leave because she has to meet her boyfriend. They were going on a date!!! And so i freaked and said, “Damn girl, come hell or high waters you’re going on a date!!!” 😂 in the name of love and lust, she courageously faced the calamity endangering herself from falling debris and being blown away by the wind, tornadoes and what not just to meet the Japanese boyfriend. then everyone were talking where could she possibly be going when theres no place to go. She then got mad at me cuz my Japanese-Taiwanese coworker asked her if she was doing netflix and chill all day and night with the boyfriend during the typhoon, and she accused me of telling others about her life of wantonness despite her being a moslem. 😆 she does crazy things for love.
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2020.05.03 07:44 dueoksini Disturbing Details from Archives of

Was going through
Noticed some disturbing things:
One of the users named 'ayukawaiineko_' was 15 years old. She joined on Oct. 30, 2016. By Dec 20, 2016, she made 27 posts to the forum, shown here:, and:
Numerous posts she made to "Pictures for Forums" were trying to get Onision's attention, saying things like "date me" and "marry me" over and over. The most disturbing post reads "U allready told me, that u think i'm hot but hey, would u date me? ♥". Onision later made a video which featured her, in which he rated her "a solid nine", and said "let's hope it doesn't all go to waste when she grows up."
Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:09 am
a selfie. Sorry fot the filter haha (btw. i'm 15 and i love ur videos hahahahah rip-)
Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:44 am
What is your name? My Name is Ayu (it's indonesian haha) How did you find Onision? Just recomended videos and i liked your content Why did you join this site? This ''new'' format where u show ur followers and ye. How old are you? I'm 15 y/o What is your favorite TV show? I hate watching tv, sorry- (...
Pictures For Videos -> Re: Would Onision Date You?
Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:04 am
I prefer older guys. date me. lol
Pictures For Videos -> Most interesting hair color :)
Nov 05, 2016 4:40 pm
sorry for the dumb cat thing hahaha but these are the weirdest haircolours i had.
Pictures For Videos -> Makeup vs no makeup
Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:09 am
u can't see much on my no make-up pic cuz i have my face without makeup.
I added one without make-up, one with normal make-up and one with my school/everyday makeup.
Pictures For Videos -> Me and My Pet
Nov 08, 2016 10:13 am
me and my cat and me and tons of pidgeons. RIP.
Pictures For Videos -> EYES
Nov 08, 2016 10:03 am
no onision but i love my eyes. But they're plain.
Pictures for Videos -> Re: Hot Or Not
Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:20 am
tell me, senpai.
Pictures For Videos -> Guess our race
Nov 08, 2016 10:22 am
I'm half German half indonesian <3
Pictures For Videos -> Best Cosplay
Nov 08, 2016 10:23 am
My Nozomi Tojo (Love!Live) Cosplay
Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:59 am
U allready told me, that u think i'm hot but hey, would u date me? ♥
Pictures For Videos -> Marry, ****, or kill
Nov 13, 2016 10:35 am
Marry me senpai. (kill me)
Pictures For Videos -> Hot or not LAINEYBOT CHOOSES
Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:37 am
u're pretty lainey ;; love u
Pictures For Videos -> Would LAINEYBOT Date You?
Nov 13, 2016 10:40 am
i'd love to date u.
Pictures For Videos -> RATE ME FROM 1 TO 10
Nov 28, 2016 11:08 am
decide which picture u like or disslike the most hahaha ♥
Pictures For Videos -> What age does Greg think you are?
Dec 03, 2016 2:58 am
i'm not gonna tell u how old i realy am cuz I'm in a few other videos of u and it would cause ur problems. hahaha
i'm under 18.
Dec 4th, 2016: “RATE ME FROM 1 TO 10”
50 seconds in, Onision shows a picture of this girl. He says: "For their age, they're a pretty solid nine. Let's hope it doesn't all go to waste when they grow up."

Onision turned 31 on Nov 11, 2016.

Nov 12, 2016
1 picture, posted by Kaysimmy (16 year old)
Dec 16, 2016
1 picture, posted by DankMemesBro (14 year old:
Dec 17, 2019
2 pictures, posted by Rowanw (13 year old)
Dec 18, 2016
1 picture, posted by xZeldaCatx (17 year old)
'Rowanw' is the 13 year old girl who infamously included in Onision's "Try Hard Girls" video.
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NOTE: Shortly after the HEATSTREET Article, Onision's site went down. I am not sure when this happened. After it came back, it required an account to see photos.

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